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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking to purchase a plotter and am deciding between two machines: the Graphtec FC8000-130cm (54") and GCC RX Series-132cm(55"). Would anyone out there be able to compare and contrast the two? ...Or have any advice? The agent who will be selling them to us mentioned that the GCC will be about $1,000 cheaper and it has a 6 month longer warantee. I basically want the one with higher quality, but can't decifer that. I am a company that makes indoor, wall decals. Their sizes range from 10cm to 150cm. Thanks, Gabdu
  2. Hello there, I was wondering if someone can help me: I'm making decals with the Oracal 638 Material. I will be using a plotter machine of someone I know. I don't know the name of the plotter, but I was wondering what pressure setting is best for this material? Does this depend on the machine or is there a standard unit of pressure that will work for the 638? Thanks, Gabdu
  3. Gabdu

    Automatic Application Tape Installer?

    Rodger that! Make cents! You've got me convinced. Thanks vinylmotivations & Rodger
  4. Gabdu

    Automatic Application Tape Installer?

    Thanks! Very helpful! But I'm curious, why wouldn't a laminator for app tape be worth it?
  5. Hello there, I sell interior wall decals. After we print or cut our decals we have a person who then goes through the normal process of 'putting the decal together.' Of the process is applying the application tape and then smoothing the application tape from top so that there are no bubbles and no warping. No problem no far. I have a couple of questions: #1. Is there a machine or some way this process (of applying the application tape) can be done automatically without human intervention? It would save time and potential errors. #2. Also, does anyone know where I can learn how to 'put a decal together' from beginning to end? That is to learn the A to Z process of how to make interior wall decals (assuming I have a plotter). I'm new to this business and would like to learn, if possible, in a formal way. Thank, Gabdu