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  1. htrowrod

    Lookin for some fish vectors

    Bob, thanks for the fish images. Do you happen to have any largemouth bass or Smallmouth or any of a person fishing and catching a bass?
  2. htrowrod

    Lookin for some fish vectors

    Thanks guys for the files and info. Bob, thanks those are the type files I am looking for. I am also looking for a/some skeleton fish. I have one but the weeding is killing me. Thanks again, Bruce
  3. Anyone have any fish vectors?? I am looking for Sturgeon, Bass, or any other fish you may have... Thanks for looking, Bruce
  4. htrowrod

    FlexiSign question

    I would be willing to PM the file to someone. I wouldn't want to post the file and have it go viral. Bruce
  5. htrowrod

    FlexiSign question

    I have a Rohs(chinese) cutter. Yes, it is hooked up with a usb connection. I took the knife completely out and it still does the same thing. I think there is something with the file. Bruce
  6. htrowrod

    FlexiSign question

    I purchased a used machine and have Flexisign 8. I have cut out a few things and it worked really well. I have this one file and it starts cutting and at about 18% the cutter and software stop and the cutter head goes back to home and sits there. Only on this one file so far. Any thing to try? Bruce
  7. htrowrod

    San Francisco logo

    I was wondering if someone had a ready to cut logo for the niners. THanks, Bruce
  8. htrowrod

    Styrgeon DXF

    Does anyone happen to have a DXF of a Sturgeon?? Thanks, Bruce
  9. htrowrod

    VE Bobcat60

    I purchased a used Bobcat recently. I have no experience with cutting Vinyl, but was able to cut a couple stickers and some other stuff. I noticed when the cutter is just sitting there waiting for a file it sort a squeals, and the rollers seem to vibrate back and forth. I posted a similar thread on the Sign Warehouse forum and one of the guys said it was probably a motor or a mainboard, and that I should just buy a new cutter. I can not believe that it would be cheaper to buy a new machine than to replace a motor or mainboard. Anyone have a service manual for this cutter or know where to buy parts for it? It does cut fine and if its not on line it is fine. Thanks, Bruce