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    New MH721 cutting way off of design

    You probably have reached beyond the memory capability of the MH. There will be off tracking on all the budget models the MH being the worst but not as much as your cut shows. Recurring the file size is probably the best first step. I know you probably have watched a boatload of set up videos and all that but I would look back at your blade depth. I noticed your comment about it cutting through and barely scratching the carrier which is right BUT that is how you check your down force not your blade depth. There is a to of references to half a credit card depth and so on which are all totally wrong by 10 times too much. Its important to set the blade depth first. Skeeter usually posts the best method and has done so probably a thousand times but still people miss this. Take your blade holder out of the machine. Using hand pressure cut across a piece of scrap vinyl (preferably over a cutting mat in case you cut through. You should be able by hand to cut through the vinyl and into but not through the carrier. If you cut through then reduce the amount of blade exposed. Most new people leave way more blade out than they need to and it adversely effects the cut quality. Seems silly but it is the NO#1 thing new owners get wrong and it really does make for a better cut. Once it's set then you dial in on the downforce which it sounds like you have about right. I have always heard you should cut through the vinyl and slightly into the backing but not be able to feel the cut line from the back side of the paper. Dialing in the blade depth will not fix your tracking issues much but it will definitely help get you the cleanest cut you are going to get from the MH. Don't cut too fast is either. I recommend about 25% of your cutters max speed to start with. I have a $3500 cutter and still only cut at 200mm/sec.
  2. Hix are well built presses. I would get yourself an infrared thermometer to see whats what and maybe make a little card that tells you what each number represents in real life temp.
  3. Wildgoose

    Need help

    You may have to treat each letter individually rather than in a string of text. You'll have to align them and space them etc but it doesn't look like you are doing that many letters so it's do-able. I agree with crome and I think in your case I'd use the bounding box stretch options to size them (this would definitely require you to do them each separately if you are unhappy with the standard size relationship between each letter.
  4. Wildgoose

    Design Help

    Nope. We don't like spammers. I deleted it.
  5. Wildgoose

    Oracal 751 or 951 for outdoor signs. Opinions please

    751 is fine. 951 will handle more uneven surfaces but I think they have the same adhesive. Some colors only come in 951.
  6. Wildgoose

    What kind of printer can do these prints..

    Looks like plastisol transfers to me. Probably stretchy variant if they feel rubbery.
  7. Another thing to think about is the cutter may or may not be paying any attention to the 1" border you have on your design work space. WYSIWYG SHOULD give you that but it may not. If you load your vinyl and then move your cutting head over an inch and zero it out there and cut regularly it should get you to the same place. I use a different cutting program and it names WYSIWYG a different name and it will cut as if all the elements are included meaning the different color combinations within a sign job so if the top half of a job was red and the lower was blue it will leave the overall same amount of space which is handy when layering with app tape but I don't think it holds any certain amount of free space based on a desktop workspace. YOURS MAY do this mine doesn't to my knowledge. Unless you are doing a paint stencil I don't know why you would want it to do that anyway. If I am doing a stencil I just add a box aout around the design so it creates the exterior overlap I am looking for.
  8. Wildgoose

    Heat transfer vinyl on beach towels

    Most towels are too fluffy to get good adhesion.
  9. Wildgoose

    I could use some help

    I couldn't find it either. It's possible that they had someone write that out and then vectored it. I think you're going to have to ask for a vector file that SOMEONE has to have somewhere. With the brush stroke look it would be really hard to recreate that. A really high resolution image you might be able to vectorize it again with the easy button.
  10. That sounds like there are unfilled paths inside the design. If whomever built your design isn't familiar with some of the quirks within AI it's easy to get duplicate paths that you can't see. The most common one is if the builder uses the quick tool "Merge" in the pathfinder menu rather than "Unite" to weld things together. It will weld the main objects as expected but in any open area within the compound path it will leave an object with no fill. In other words within a lower case a or e the inner part of the letter has an additional piece sitting there that has no fill color so is perfectly invisible and the cutter will cut it twice. There could possibly also be two layers stacked directly on one another that are the same color. There are several work-arounds if these unfilled objects is the case with your project. Use the cut -by-color options in your cutting utility and be sure you are only cutting the main layer. (this may work for you but I don't use your program to cut so I'm not 100% sure) If you were the design builder you can go into the "stack" in the layer window and select one of the unfilled objects (you can see them in that window) and then use the "select similar fill color" and AI will select them all and just delete them. The best way is to learn to build a "cut ready" file that doesn't have these kinds of mistakes but anyone who has learned AI knows it's a multifaceted program that takes a LOT of time to figure out.
  11. Wildgoose

    HP Cutter Blades

    That does look exactly like the Summa. I know the nearby Summa dealer has started selling HP printers too so I bet there is some sort of back scratching going on. The blade holder in the video I watched from their site looks just like my 30" machine. I think I pay $125 for a 5 pack plus a healthy shipping fee from Summa (Now Airmark) Used to be less than CC.
  12. Wildgoose

    HP Cutter Blades

    How much do the HP blades cost?
  13. Wildgoose

    HP Cutter Blades

    Send Ross one of your old ones I bet he can gauge it out and check for you.
  14. Wildgoose

    HP Cutter Blades

    If you get in touch with the clean cut guy he can tell you if they are compatible. He makes blades that will fit my Summa although I actually use the 36deg Summa blades most of the time.
  15. What version of VM are you running? Are you printing this or cutting it out of vinyl?
  16. Wildgoose

    Getting back into the game

    That thing will last you for ever. Good to see you post up.
  17. Wildgoose


    I charge about $100 installed for most stuff
  18. Wildgoose

    Need an idea for trailers

    That's a good idea.
  19. I think some of the problem with fonts is they have "evolved" or maybe Devolved and there is apparently less uniformity. If THATS all your upset about as far as font's go you will probably fight that in almost all programs. Your background in typography may be a blessing and a curse. To tell the truth I usually make a rectangle box that is the exact height I want for a given font and then type on top of it and adjust until it's where I want it. If I think I will be doing MORE later as your project suggest I typically keep a working file with the various fonts styles and sizes over on one side and so the next time you can just grab the specific font for a specific spot on your sign and just retype the new words and save if off as a new cut file.
  20. Skeeter was talking about the design capability that SCALP comes with vs the (pc only) Vinyl Master Cut version that is very basic comparatively. She was referring to VM Cut, Flexistarter, SignCut Pro that are all just cut only programs or nearly so that you design on another program and use as a cutting tool afterword. The free part with SCALP is that is has design capabilities albeit somewhat lacking in most of our professional opinions. When I bought my first cutter it came with a years free subscription to SignCut Pro1 and then I had to decide if I wanted to continue with the subscription or do something different. I actually spent $400 on a lifetime dongle for SignCut Pro1 after looking around at all the options available at the time that were mac compatible. I actually tried out SCALP Beta but was unimpressed, I assume they have improved some since then.
  21. Wildgoose

    New to this!!!

    I think that thing comes with a stand but no basket. I could be wrong, pretty sure the new one does anyway maybe check on the refurbished.
  22. Nice find Skeeter. I knew they were working on that but had forgotten.
  23. I can certainly see where you are coming from and agree it is ambiguous saying one thing in one spot and another elsewhere. The support page should be updated with more current info. The problem in part I think is that there is an overabundance of info and hard to track it all down and keep it up to date. The craft edge guys do have a support portal and hopefully can help get you figured out on the SCAL program. Inkscape is a good FREE mac friendly way to design about anything so if your fighting fonts give it a try.
  24. Wildgoose

    New to this!!!

    Windows 7 is fine. Preferred over 8 I think. I use a mac to design but usually cut from a windows 7 laptop that sits over by my cutter. The SC2 is probably your best bang for the buck to get into it. The bundles can be of savings if the added stuff is something you need. I bought my first cutter in a bundle but found that I preferred other tools in most cases. Your mileage may vary. I tried a dental pic to weed with and it just doesn't work for me. I prefer a sharp pair of tweezers. The basic squeegees are a little rough so I usually step it up and buy a little better grade. You'll want some vinyl but what brand and color? The Green Star is a thick cheap vinyl that has it's uses but most step up to the Oracal offerings for permanent work. I do use the Green star in some scenarios though. Works better than the rest of sandblasting glass. Mostly because it's thick and will actually come back off a little easier. Here is a list of what I would say you will need. A lot you may already have or can grab at walmart. Cutter, some sort of weed tool, squeegee, application tape ( paper is preferred by most of us experienced users. I like R-Tape 4076 RLA or 4075) , cutting board, some type of knife (I prefer X-acto but some don't), a ruler to use as a straight edge to trim is also helpful. I use a 6.5"x 24.5" Fiskars clear ruler with the little 1/4" lines to trim out my finished and taped product. If you are applying these you will also want some rubbing alcohol and other basic cleaners that don't have ammonia. I use a pre-wash solution of about 10% denatured alcohol and then a final wipe with rubbing alcohol. The app tape is expensive because you have to buy it in such a lang roll. Choose a size that will cover most of what you do without having to use two strips. Just my $0.02.
  25. Can you post a screen shot of the site page where you see it was mac compatible? That sounds exactly opposite to what I see on the site. The only thing I see that would be misleading is they offer the Sure cuts a Lot program as an option for mac but you say they FORCED you to go with VM. Something just doesn't add up. Being a mac user myself I understand your aversion to the pc platform but if you have been a mac user for any length of time you know that you have to do a little extra due diligence when buying anything that is going to be coupled with the system. I have seen a few posts where people have gotten the mac to work on the lower end machines. Try downloading the free trial of SignCut Pro (that's what I use in conjunction with Illustrator) and see if you can get it to hook up before you send it back. They have free live tech support as well and might be able to help you figure out if there is something causing the hook up issues.