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  1. The fact that it is at least doing something when you try to cut should mean the computer is talking to the cutter. Cutter communication is not my strong suit but It is probably either speaking the wrong language (wrong driver) or there is something wrong with the cutter. Have you asked for tech support from SignCut? They have a portal where you can request tech support and can probably help figure out if it is using the correct driver. I had a P-Cut as my first cutter. You hopefully have already figured out how to set the zero point and then make sure it is on line and ready to cut before sending a file.
  2. Wildgoose

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Hmm seems like seems like I might have tested mine with a certain well known gun makers mark.... All I can say is my kids wear cool stuff and so do I. Agree the weed is no fun and I wish it had a sticky carrier.
  3. Wildgoose

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    Nice thing is that we ALL agree that you won't regret it. No buyers remorse to contend with. Had you spent "almost" as much for a titan you would always be thinking about that little leap you could have taken to the next level. The quality remains long after the price has been forgotten.
  4. Wildgoose

    28" vs 34" sc2 cutter

    I think both MZ Skeeter and myself agree that I wouldn't want something that can't handle 30" vinyl simply because it is sometimes the case that the only quick local option for a certain color might be in a 30" roll or a certain design might fall just slightly out of the 24" size but within the 30" width. I rarely need the extra 6" but it is oh so nice to have it when the time comes. If budget constraints are such then it could be lived without because I use the extra just a few times a year. Your results may vary.
  5. Wildgoose

    Customer Service

    That definitely sounds like something that would piss me off too. For what it's worth welcome to the forum and don't let a dough head like that sour you on the whole thing. The group on the forum is primarily just a bunch of end users helping each other out. For my part I started out from scratch and received a lot of crucial help from the members here. So much help in fact that once I got on my feet I stuck around and sort of passed it forward to others. I have been on many forums and most have a tendency to get in your face and flame you for anything they deem a dumb question. The USC forum is far different from that and we actively attempt to keep that kind of thing in check. You sound like you have some great practical knowledge that the forum members could benefit from and maybe we can help out with things that are new to you.
  6. Wildgoose

    Cutter not initializing

    I have never had an MH or a Redsail are they the same thing? Same driver?
  7. Wildgoose

    How do YOU charge for vinyl Graphics

    Those hourly rates at the bottom seem too low to me. ESPECIALLY the remove graphics for $15/hr. That rate needs to be about 4 times that and when the customer complains let him do it and after about a half hour he'll be begging you to come do it. I have a straight $25/hr with minimums for install etc...
  8. Wildgoose

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    I did the Skeeter method for blade depth yes. I don't think there is any other effective way to get there especially on something that thick. It is definitely a cool product that has a niche application here and there. I did a logo on one of my personal hoodies out of 600 to see how well it holds up and it has stayed well.
  9. Wildgoose

    Customer Service

    Can you give some details on your conversation? Did you walk in and talk to the people at the store in person or was it a phone call? Most of us don't have the luxury of walk in so I am a mail order customer myself. I have been buying product since 2010 and the times I had issues with an order they always treated me fairly.
  10. Wildgoose

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Here is a hat I did. The Red and Blue are regular Siser and the White is Brick. May even be Brick 1000 which USC stopped selling. If you look close you can see the corners are not perfect part of this is from the cut and part from the length of time I had to leave it in the hat press to get good adhesion. Regular shirts you can turn inside out and heat from the back side but the hat took some effort to get it to stay put. The client loved it.
  11. Wildgoose

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    You definitely need a 60 deg blade to cut the 600 it is roughly 24 mil thick and slow the cut speed way down. I'll see if I have a pic of what I did and if so I'll post it.
  12. Wildgoose

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    If you have been successful getting the LP to cut from your mac I would think you will be ok on the Titan but as mentioned earlier that a little more investment into a Graphtec will be well worth it IMO. You DO pay more for a quality cutter but there is a reason they cost more and they resell high as well.
  13. I agree with Skeeter and from the sounds of it if it will cut one fine but not more then it almost certainly is a software concern. Which cutting software are you using? I am betting you have something going on with WYSIWYG or similar where your software is treating your project as the size of your entire workspace/cutting board. Also if you are trying to stack 3 - 8" wide signs into a 24" piece of vinyl that's not going to fit anyway. Rotate and cut two wide at 22" will probably fit and allow necessary separation between the two. Are you using a weeding box? Too many unknowns to be of much help.
  14. Wildgoose

    Strange anomaly recently

    Maybe some setting got changed. AI can make unfilled objects in open areas within "holes" like the inside of a D in some operations or if you use "merge" instead of "unite". If you happen to use a different trace setting preset it could have triggered this. To check this when you have the file open in Illustrator look through the stack in the layers panel and see if you have duplicates or any unfilled objects. The little preview in that panel is pretty obvious when they have no fill. If you can't figure it out make a test file with something not copyright protected and post the .ai file and we can open it and see whats up. Another way to deal with this is you should be able to cut by color in SCALP and just choose the color you want. If it's showing two colors on a single color job that will be obvious too. I recommend figuring it out in AI rather than just sorting it at cut time though.
  15. Wildgoose

    Font request

    I like your choice better than the original
  16. That's a good deal. If I were you I would make some notes on what steps you took so you can look them back up if you don't cut regularly.
  17. The end result is you can easily determine your hard costs (assuming no mistakes). I usually allow for some errors so I don't take a beating should I screw it up. If you know how much you will spend to make them then all the rest is how much you want your time to be worth and if you're smart allow some extra $$ to put toward your equipment. A lot of people try to buy the cheapest vinyl too thinking it will save them a bunch of money. I disagree especially on small decals. Higher end vinyl usually weeds easier and the cost per piece is not significant especial if it ends up costing you time. Product properly bid is paid for by they client, any of your time lost during the build is paid for by your own pocketbook. I agree with Dakota and his bottom feeder comment. Unless you have an "in" of some sort good luck getting enough out of those to make it worth it.
  18. When you say pulling away or toward you are you talking side to side cutter head travel or the vinyl in and out of the cutter travel?
  19. Wildgoose

    Just joined

    Welcome from Idaho. Nice ride!
  20. Wildgoose

    Noob Questions

    Siser Easyweed and Easyweed Stretch HTV will generally cut as the same pressure and speed as regular vinyl assuming you have a good blade tip. Regular Siser is less picky on blade sharpness, stretch is very resilient and if your blade tip happens to be a little worn it can resist cutting even though it will still do fine on regular adhesive vinyl. The carrier on most HTV is super tough so you have no worries about over pressure cutting through but if you are using more than you need it can sometimes cause the material to bunch up in front of the blade which will cause accuracy problems sometimes or worse. The higher end machines with vacuum hold down do better at resisting this but any of them can have the problem if you are using more pressure than you need or because you blade is getting tired and you had to crank up the pressure. Rayon is tricky to work with compared to cotton or blends. Regular shirts and hoodies are simple. Be sure and double check your platen temp with an IR thermometer because accurate heat time and pressure are what assure a good application. We used to say that a good sign was being able to see the weave of the shirt through the HTV was what you are looking for and that still hold true for regular Easyweed but the stretch doesn't always show that so the rule of thumb doesn't apply to Stretch.
  21. Wildgoose

    Embroidery Digitizing Referral?

    Any bets thats a self referral? I have settled in to mainly Wicked Stitch of the East now due to just being the most consistent. I sometimes give someone a try if I have something that I don't care about and need it back super fast. Wicked actually sews out their work before sending it so they know it works. Most of these guys particularly the out of country people don't even have a machine and maybe never did.
  22. I wonder if the thumbnail view is messed up or the files are not compatible. I just went and looked in the manual (see linked thread if you need an manual) and it looks like most file formats are accepted with exception of .svg Are you pointed at the right drive over in the right side directory? Number two on the attached screen shot.
  23. What type of files are you importing into SB? Are they already vector files or are they images that you will be turning into vector files? If Vector what file format? I don't use SB as I use a mac but I pay attention when people post things and it seems like there are certain formats that SB likes better than others. Maybe too many R&C? Wrong side of room, wrong computer monitor.... wait, whose house IS this?!! Ha just kidding. I don't drink anymore but the captain was my favorite friend back in the day.
  24. Wildgoose

    Layering vinyl

    App fluid pretty much an "in situ" product. Partly because as soon as you use it it will begin to affect the app tape. I try to do mostly dry app and in large part just because I don't like to spend extra time waiting around and that pretty much what my experience has been with the fluid. It does a great job of keeping the un-applied portions of the graphic floating off the surface and there are definitely times it should be used. It also works great to soften the grip on app tape from the back side after application too.
  25. Here is a link that may help you if you are searching for the signblazer download.