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  1. MH cutter wont cut

    Are you trying to cut on an MH from a mac?
  2. Printable vinyl

    No comment for the tableware just a plus one for the shirt option. didn't mean to confuse the subject.
  3. Printable vinyl

    +1 for F&M. Whether single color or multi they can be a good option for busy designs on shirts if you have the volume.
  4. 651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    Agree on the matt finish it looks better indoors however 631 in my opinion is one of the toughest installs there are. The other misinformation is that removable note says if removed within a year or some such. So if you leave it hanging for a long time it is about the same as the other offerings as far as pulling it down. The adhesive is water soluble which would be easier to scrub off but in my limited experience no painted walls handle scrubbing anything off very well. I did some early testing when I started out with my cutter and put up some of both. Like Skeeter mentioned I really had no big issues with pulling off the 651 and did not see adhesive left behind. Nothing goes on eggshell textured walls very good but 631 goes on the worst probably due to the water based adhesive and also needing higher tack transfer paper to deal with the matt finish.
  5. If you are legitimately trying to run a business it's the last thing you want to tie into. There is no way the little bit of income you would generate would be worth the penalty. Might as well sell drugs. My wife claims I'm a lot like a drug pusher. I do a shirt order for someone and throw in a cool hat with their logo on it and 8 out of 10 want more within a week. Or if I do a sign job (which I very rarely do anymore) I throw in a free tee with their logo and the same thing happens. If you start doing fan gear for the NFL and college teams word will spread like wildfire and it won't be long before the wrong person finds out.
  6. I do it but it may effect the look. I have only had a couple that you would tell most turned out ok. You will blow a lot of color out so I would use a couple pieces of butcher paper to protect top and bottom platens. New paper each shirt too. The dye will migrate into the vinyl worse than normal too so be prepared for that. There are dye block HTV but I don't stock any. Siser is semi ok with this.
  7. Switch to MAC

    I run SignCut Pro 1 that is compatible with both windows AND mac. No design capability but a great cutting tool. They have a new version out that has some design tools but I have never worried about it because I am a dedicated AI user. Maybe you can figure out a workflow with a different cutting utility. SignCut Pro likes AI version 8 and I have cut from SVG fine too. Here is a list of the supported cutters that I grabbed from their website from the Pro 1 part: http://pro1.signcutpro.com/files/pdf/driverlist20130410.pdf
  8. Switch to MAC

    SSD's are freaky fast. I'm no techie but I bought a couple used business laptops for a couple of my kids as they headed off to college and the guy I went through buys them in bulk when large companies swap out and then works them over and resells them at a great price. He offers SSD swap-ins and we fired up two identical laptops side by side one with regular drive and one solid state and the difference was mind blowing. I went that way on both of the two I bought partly for the boot-up speed but also because college kids might be more prone to dropping the thing and the battery life is supposed to be better as well.
  9. Switch to MAC

    Wow nice set up haumana !
  10. Switch to MAC

    Yeah Parallels is one option and Bootcamp is right on the mac will do it too and is free. I have not done either one but there are several on the forum who run this way. Pretty sure both apps basically partition off a section of your HD and you will actually boot up the other operating system so you run one or the other but not both at once. That is just from what I have read. I am a mac convert and really have not wanted anything windows based to be on my mac.
  11. signblazer

  12. Agreed, The idea of the bundle is enticing and sounds like you are going to save some money and you would if you picked all those items individual however many of the things in there are not something you really need. For equipment in particular take your time and do some research (especially here on the users forum). Just because something is the cheapest option does not mean it's the best deal. Often a step or two up from the bottom is a lot better value for the money spent.
  13. Oregon TRAIL

    Can't find the OREGON TRAIL font in FMF or any online searches. Anyone know this one? Thanks
  14. how are they selling so cheap?

    You might try putting something on the back that is an advertisement. I have heard of people who put "Ask me who made this shirt" on the back to let people know that it's OK to ask.
  15. Is the font really free?

    A lot are free for personal use but not for commercial. If it's something that will be out there like a business logo then you'll want to contact the font owner directly. Even buying it may not be enough in some circumstances. If it was going to be the main focal point in a trademark logo it would be worth the extra effort to be totally sure all the proper rights have been purchased.
  16. If you have to turn and burn real quick just add an extra shirt or something under the one you are pressing until the press is even. My experience is a little too much pressure is far better than not enough. The only failures I have ever had were early on when I had a thick collar holding up one side of the press and it left an area that didn't get good pressure. Check your temperature too with an inrfared temp gun because the chinese presses are notoriously off on the heat. Like WAY off.
  17. Carol clam shell presses can have difficulty with even pressure if you didn't spring for one with the center point pressure. A tiny bit of searching and you would have found that point brought up many times here on the forum. Bear in mind that at some thickness it will be just right but with thin shirts it will put more pressure on the front (toward the operator) and with thick stuff like hoodies it will put more toward the back. The best way to deal with it other than just finding a better press is to purchase a heat press pillow and use it under whatever you are pressing. This will allow even pressure over the whole platen. It will also help when you have a thigh shirt collar or a kids onesie or something like that with sewn seams that cause uneven pressure. Hopefully the press will allow enough adjustment for the foam pillow. Press pillows are just a piece of 3/4" foam sewn into some teflon and is something that every shop should have anyway. I have re-stuffed mine twice over the years with foam I bought at a craft store.
  18. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    I don't know, I have used some very old vinyl (HTV not Sign vinyl) and other than it feeling definitely less pliable in the cut and weed it held on fine. On a side note I have tested Siser at a lot higher temps without it failing. I wouldn't recommend installing at high all the time but the test shirts I did clear up at 330 didn't seem to mind. You could see a little of the glue weeping out along the edges but other than that it help up. I did one clear up at 350 just to see if it would melt but it didn't.
  19. Does vinyl need to cure?

    I think it cures or gets a better grip over time. Like 2 or 3 months or so. The term cure is probably inaccurate but I use it when I talk with clients about new installs.
  20. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    This article is a good read for new installers. Agree with dcbevins that it takes a while to gain the skills. I look back to when I was green and am surprised those early jobs turned out as good as they did. flat installs now are a snap and I never do them wet. I see bubbles if I had to layer my app tape due to not having a wide enough piece (or maybe running off an edge when taping it off and having to add a strip ) or sometimes when doing a center hinge on a large design that middle point where you go from one direction back the other way you can easily get some air. Also see bubbles when doing stacked layers that were pre-built and applied as one. The lowest layer often gets some bubbles right along the edges of the next layer up due to the app tape holding it up a little. (still worth doing in one shot) I, like dc, see most of those bubbles find their way out. I pop the ones that I can easily get to but the little mass bubbles that you sometimes see will disappear over a few weeks time. Always use a pointed object like a pin (I have USCutter's wood handled bubble and burnish tool) rather than something like a knife that will slice it. Vinyl will "cure out" with some time in the sun as it expands and contracts with the changes in temp and a lot of things go away. When I first did our suburban with my business logo I managed to get literally 400+ tiny bubbles in one part of the design. I figured I would be pulling it back off but didn't have time to mess with it for a few days. When I remembered to take a look again they were gone.
  21. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    Not just because it hold the moisture in but also with wet installs you lose some of the tack the vinyl ordinarily gets when it hits the substrate so it helps to wet the top of the app tape when you get ready to remove it thus helping the install to stay in place. If you do a wet install plan on it taking considerably longer. I have always had to let it sit there a while and get a good grip before trying to get the app tape off. Small details are going to fight you. I avoid wet whenever I can just because I don't like the time loss.
  22. vectorize logo question

    I wrote to harley because I have a parody of their logo (Hardly Davidson) that I was going to market and wanted to see what they would say before I got it out on the net and got myself in trouble. In a nutshell they told me they have invested millions of dollars to build up their name and they would not allow me or anyone to benefit from their fame and expense. I talked to a lawyer about it who told me I would be protected by the fair use act BUT protected means that WHEN IT WENT TO COURT I could claim fair use because it was a parody. The WHEN IT WNET TO COURT part was the problem. Harley has a lot of money and actively protects their brand and it would probably end up in court to see who had the best lawyer and the most money to spend. I decided it wasn't worth it for a $2 decal so I just put one on my rat bike and called it a day. Lots of people commented on the decal when looking at my bike and I think it was a funny decal but not worth getting sued over. I do have to admit that their argument is strong. The whole thing would bot be funny if they hadn't made a name for themselves already. I was poking fu at my own bike that it was not a harley but still capitalizing on their fame. If I was super rich maybe I would go fight them in court just to be the first to actually win but I'm not rich and I like my house.
  23. Newb questions about my new SC2

    My 97 was stock motor and stock 5spd stock transfer case even which really surprised all my trail buddies. I ran a Ford D60 up front long side chopped to move the pumpkin over. 5:38 grs and ARB. Rear was a full width 14bolt with a detroit no-spin. 39.5 Irocs on full Hummer 1 rims with the runflats. I had to space the front back out to get back to full width and wished I would have ran some rebar or something around the H1 rims because they were pretty soft and had to pound the edge now and then if I got in a pinch. Enjoyed the full bead-locks a lot. I tried out the cadillac calipers on the back when I converted to disc brakes. Not a fan, I should have just went for some front chevy calipers and figured out a line lock or driveline brake for parking. I got them to work but they were problematic to get set up right and not have them leaking. It needed a deep reduction t-case but I was able to follow along everywhere the rest of the guys went and it made me a better driver. I even beat out a buggy at a local crawl competition in town. Deadenbear knuckles after the hydro-assit ram pushed the top off the stock Ford knuckle. I hear the Fords are weaker that way. deadenbear drills a chevy based design for the ford bolt pattern so it was an easy swap if not for being 15 miles up a nasty trail.
  24. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    Just always remember that the forum is just a bunch of users trying to help out. With the exception of a few actual tech helps that are on occasionally (most common is the Vinyl Master guys). The rest of us are just regular end users like you guys perhaps with a little more experience in some areas but not always. Even us Mod's are voluntary and try to help out in our spare time with varying success.
  25. Newb questions about my new SC2

    Nice! I have had several over the years but nothing like your lineup. 3 CJ5's of various vintage a CJ3A that had a cracked block and finally a 97 Wrangler that ended up running 40's on one tons. I sold the Wrangler a few years back (and yes I regret it) and have been trying out a 96' FzJ80. It's pretty nice and comfy but way too heavy. I enjoy the AC and creature comforts but I think I'll build another crawler or purpose built trail rig in a few years when I get another kid out of the house. The cruiser is now a high school vehicle for one of my girls. They like it cause all the guys are jealous. It's got a 4" lift and 315 tires with some custom trail protection around the edges.