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    No luck on my search either. Definitely a racing font possibly a custom one off or from a special number set that is not an actual font/typeface.
  2. Wildgoose

    Help with VM Ltr

    Ah sweet glad you figured it out. VM is pretty awesome. If I was a windows platform dude I would be more into it myself.
  3. Wildgoose

    How to Connect MH 871 via USB

    Thanks for the feedback. Always helpful when we get someone that takes a moment and responds. <I pinned it so it won't get buried>
  4. Very few free cutting softwares. I have a friend who bought a Seiki and it came with the same Art Cut you have. I am experienced at cutting for 9 or 10 years now and I could not get that software to work it was very buggy and would not connect. There are probably people with more technical computer knowledge that could get it to work but it was beyond my skills. I had them download and try out the free trial of SignCut Pro. It is a paid program but offers a trial period. If you have budget constraints it probably isn't what you are looking for but it might at least get you cutting for the free period.
  5. Wildgoose

    New to software...need help please

    As you can probably tell from the varied answers above there are usually several different ways to do things that ALL work fine. Nothing wrong with just making the whole thing and chopping out the part you want like motion effects showed. Pre-cut templates are nice too but require the extra skills which in your case means a few mistakes and do-overs. I did one once that I just applied the graphic over the area and let it hang off the edges and trimmed it before removing the app tape. If templates are small enough to scan I have made them with a piece of app tape or paper and scanned them so I had the perfect size. When you start getting to the size of a window where you import the pic and trace it from the pic you can easily get distorted if your angle of the pic is not perfectly straight. If you are just going for rough size and staying away from the edges like when doing business graphics on a car door or window then that works just fine. If you are trying to hit a perfect window size it will take a few tries and tweaks to get it perfect. There are car templates you can buy that the wrap guys use but I don't know how accurate they are and every wrap I have seen they cut things bigger and trim the excess so what does that tell you. Whichever way you go it will be a learning curve but learning through doing is the best anyhow. You can watch 1000 videos but until you have some hands on it only goes so far. I would suggest using a graphics software you either already know or one that everyone else uses or you'll be totally on your own. Inkscape you called INscape is a good place to start because its free and compatible with windows and mac alike. I don't use it myself but there are several who do. It is totally capable of doing the type of graphics you are looking at. No matter the design program you choose you will have some learning to do to get a cut-ready file. The design element of this craft is sometimes the achilles heel that some never make it past. It takes some willingness to practice and learn.
  6. Wildgoose

    Remove drawing border .dxf

    Sounds like you figured it out however you STILL should be able to ungroup and select any object and delete at will.
  7. Wildgoose

    Heatpress won't heat up

    Must have a short on the wire or the element is out. Is it new?
  8. Wildgoose

    Remove drawing border .dxf

    I don't run a Graphtec and so do not have that particular software however all vector programs are working on the same basic principals. Some go about getting things done a little differently so you methods to do what you describe may be different than I would go about them in Adobe Illustrator. I will try to help you anyhow. 1. You should be able to select the border with one of the selection options. It may need to be ungrouped or there may be a special selection option that does not elect everything else. Once you figure out how to select just the border then just delete it. If the total combined graphic is a compound path you may see weird things happen with the inside of letters that have a hole in them like a small e. If you take a look in wireframe mode you will be able to see if all the other lines are there still (this if you had something go wonky and letters are filled in) Whatever you see in wire frame is what the cutter sees. 2. Most of us don't use dxf unless you do some other software that needs them like perhaps a plasma cutter. Even then I would suggest working in something more widely accepted like EPS or SVG. I have occasionally opened dxf files from clients and they tend to be messy IMO. If you are worried about scale and the rulers on your program are not easily seen or used I sometimes just create a box in the dimension I want and build to that. For instance fonts tend to be varied in actual height so a 200 pt letter in one font is not the same in another. If I want a 2" letter max height I make a 2" box and use it as a scale to check what size to make my font when I first set it up or if I am resizing.
  9. Wildgoose


    You need to calibrate your cutter most likely. I can't remember how to calibrate the cutter in VM Pro but this video may help even though it is for the CUT version. I didn't have time to even watch the vid so if it doesn't please let me know.
  10. You might look closer before giving up. The VM tech said it has it.
  11. Wildgoose

    VEVOR 53 cutter software

    Try the free trial of SignCut Pro. They are my cutting program of choice and have actual tech support. Used to be offered by USCutter back in the day, you can pay for license time as you go in several time options or buy a lifetime dongle (what I did). This was posted by me last year a few posts up. It should at least get you cutting and you can decide what cutting program is going to work for you.
  12. Wildgoose

    blast from the past

    Na not me Hatter but you helped me out several times when I was a greenie. It would be kick butt to get to meet up and say Hi in person some day. You guys are on the far side of the country from me. I have yet to make it to a show. One of these days I plan to but it never fails that I am always buried when they are anywhere near me.
  13. Wildgoose

    Brand Of Parchment Paper Available In UK For Layering

    I think you want the stuff that is suitable for cooking. The idea of the parchment is that it's a non stick surface. The cooking variety absolutely works. I actually started using it for a cover sheet with heat press work and then one day was trying a layered job and sort of as a fluke tried it out. I had accidentally not done the correct layout of the two layers and the backing on one was not going to work out on the other and I needed something to lay out there on the table when I layered it so the top layer that didn't stick to my table. One thing led to another and it became my go-to way to layer. It is NOT clear but you can see through it pretty good. Not being from the UK I no nothing about what is available to you at the stores there. I am surprised that they wouldn't have baking parchment paper though. Maybe find a bakery shop that makes cookies and see if they have a commercial supplier or would sell you a roll? As mentioned in a different thread I also sometimes buy gerber 225 vinyl sold by a local supplier that has a clear carrier and that stuff IS totally clear and as long as you remember to keep the slick side up it works great. I had one job I actually wasted a piece of the 225 just so I could use the carrier to layer some other work. This was large format stuff that the parchment was not big enough for.
  14. Wildgoose

    Voice of Wesco

    I doubt it is your vinyl. It's more likely setup in one way or other. The corners don't look crisp and that could either be the font or your blade offset. If the cut letters do not look like the ones on your desktop then you have some settings off. Can you just type in the strings of text rather than importing them as .vDoc? See if that makes a difference. I wouldn't do too many at once. The spacing is weird probably because of the vDoc as well. If you give them a little more space you can use a weeding line more effectively. Some jobs I use a weeding line in-between each line of letters and then carefully pull up from one end while I make sure each letter stays in place or occasionally I run a weed line along the top and bottom of each line of letters touching the letters and quickly pull the open stretch between the lines up then carefully lift each small piece between the letters so as not to mess them up. Not sure if that makes sense written out.
  15. Wildgoose

    Cutter software

    What format is the file in? You should see some sort of file extension on the end of the logo file like one of these: .eps, .ai, .svg, .cdr, .pdf, or it could be something like one of these: .ps, .png, .jpg, .wmf which are not vector supported formats. Not all vector files are pure vectors either but might have a raster image embedded or a mix. Unfortunately the technical aspect of cutting can "cull the herd" as we say in Idaho. I'm no rancher though, other terms might include "blood the troops", separate the wheat from the chaff, men from the boys... I think you get it. Best advice is spend some serious screen time on tutorials and practice, practice practice.
  16. Wildgoose

    1st Gen SC and SCAL 5 Pro

    I wonder if the SCAL 5 is ignoring the fact that the cutter is one of the old 1st gen cutters and lumping them all together. Heck I don't know enough about drivers to know if they are even different. I agree with all the sentiments that Vinyl Master is a way better program. SCAL had hopeful props early on but just didn't seem to deliver on things, I tried out the beta version but gave up after too many issues. It evidently IS some sort of rocket science to get a cutting program that gets it right. Not everyone can pull it off.
  17. Wildgoose

    Voice of Wesco

    Double check you haven't broken a tip. Happens sometimes and may effect the cut. Looking at the pic I would NOT think that's your problem. I am having a hard time figuring out why you have all the weird boxes associated with each letter. I see where the O in Robin has been overcut with one of the corners of a box. Strange looking job. I'd be interested in looking at the cut file in a basic format like .eps or similar.
  18. Wildgoose

    Any Tips On Applying Loaded Transfer Paper

    I just buy parchment paper at the grocery store in the cooking isle like you would use to bake cookies. Cheap stuff works great. Another option I have started doing is when I happen to do a local project that needs 3M/Gerber vinyl I buy the 225 as opposed to 220 cast vinyl. It comes on a clear synthetic carrier and save the backing for use when stacking or need to align things. Not sure in your location what the options are. I save all the clear backing I get my hands on. It also does a fair job of making paint stencils if you use a cutting mat or a few layers of app tape will work as well to create a carrier so you can cut out the stencil pieces.
  19. Wildgoose

    Any Tips On Applying Loaded Transfer Paper

    It sounds like maybe a build technique issue. If you are trying to align the word in a certain spot are you using some sort of tape hinge? Some layered work needs to be tight registration with other parts and the parchment paper works really good for that but just as often it's simply alignment with a substrate and if you are new you might not realize that most of us use some masking tape to get the design where we want it and hold it there. To be effective you will want straight edges or the hinge will go wonky. I usually trim my masked work with equal reveal on all sides to aid in keeping things straight on the install. I use a side hinge if possible and hinge it on the right side so I can flip it over and remove the carrier then handle the app tape with design with my left had while I squeegee my way across using my right hand (I am right handed). A top hinge or a bottom hinge is also functional and each of us develop our own methods that we like best. On really large graphics a center hinge is often used but takes practice and sometimes an extra set of hands. ALL of these require a little practice.
  20. I have found that backorders with ANY company are sketchy right now. I think it has a lot to do with the volatile offshore market. I am a Richardson Cap dealer and sometimes have to go buy them from a wholesaler who buys more than I do because the colors I want are out at Richardson and the backorders are approximate. I am sure that USCutter has similar issues with shipments. Like Slice mentioned (and others) it's a good idea to call ahead on big purchases. Or at least pay very close attention to the website availability.
  21. Wildgoose

    I’m back your warned!!

    All good, all good. LOL
  22. Wildgoose

    I’m back your warned!!

    Yeaa Hatters back!
  23. You may have to wait for an update on the plug-in from Roland, thats one of the unintended consequences of the high zoot Illustrator CC, everyone has to try and keep up with the constant updates. I am running CS5 on 10.13 with only a small glitch in font view but is otherwise stable. I remember when I first bought CS5 I had lots of trouble with it being the newest out there for about a season. Now it's oldish but still gets me by and I don't pay rent.
  24. Wildgoose

    Layering vinyl questions

    Did you try popping them with a pin? It should let you bleed the air out of the ones big enough to poke. Sometimes smallish bubbles will work out over time but not a guarantee and it looks bad when someone buys something that has bubbles before they ever even install them. Paper tape is better too, and a lot more forgiving even if a little harder to align, but it can be done fairly easy when the background color is darker like that. If I am selling to self applicators I typically put registration marks and make them install in layers.
  25. Wildgoose

    HP Cutter Blades

    Thank you for the circle back. This really helps the future searchers.