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  1. Yep it's weld. Frankcw, select the text and then either pull down the objects tab to "welding" and choose welding or the quick keys are Ctrl+J
  2. That's exactly what most of us did to start out so you're on a good path. I'll give you fair warning, assuming the techno side is not a problem you will probably get hooked. Tons of fun and money to be made as well as saved. If it clicks with you and you think you are going to stick with it I suggest at least a budget heat press so you can start cutting heat transfer vinyl and build your own tee shirts. I assume from your nickname you are Jeep people. I have had several CJ 5's and a massively built YJ. Am currently sporting a 96' Landcruiser.
  3. That's sic man. Love it!
  4. Welcome fellow off-roader. You are correct in that text should be almost type and cut with most of the cutting software. The MH is a bit temperamental but can turn out passable work at a great intro price if you get it dialed in right. Search for any post by "Mz Skeeter" a famous forum member relating to setting the correct blade depth and follow the instructions. It will head off a broken blade tip and lots of frustration. (she's going to be upset that I called her famous) Happy Wheelin'!
  5. Siser cuts with about the same pressure as regular vinyl. It weeds really easy as the name implies although it has a sticky carrier so you have to pull it up with some force. You will be able to get much finer details with the HTV than you can with regular vinyl. Being that the carrier is a plastic type product it can develop a little more static than regular vinyl. Many of the budget cutters are sensitive to that so be prepared. When I had a budget cutter I would spray down the area around my machine with some anti-static cling spray. Seemed to help a LOT. Hats are challenging without the right equipment. Most of the hat presses that come as an add-on are going to be less satisfactory than you would expect and I'll leave it at that. I would find a good name brand hat press with different sizes of lower platens if I were you. They aren't cheap but there is good money in hats.
  6. I find it curious that the two inner parts of the B are cut with the same messy spots in pretty much exactly the same location. If you look close each one has the same warble in the same spots which to me looks like a software glitch. Driver issue maybe? I guess it could be a loose carriage or blade holder reacting the same on each cut. Hard to tell what's going on. Jamie have you cut anything else successfully since the B?
  7. Have you looked at the font zoomed way in or in wire frame mode? Some fonts are not smooth. We are just starting from square one and making sure you don't have a bad file. The reason for this emphasis is you say it cuts flawless otherwise. Most likely the font if everything else cuts good.
  8. No, divide not multiply by 12. On vehicles and other applications I charge an install fee based on what I think it will take to do the install. Incidentally I don't use 651 on vehicels or things like that. I use it for wood signboard and coroplast sometimes for diabond. 751 or higher for vehicles. My price is higher per SF for premium vinyl. More like $7 per sq ft for two color. Don't take everything I say as the way YOU should do it. This is just my system and to tell the truth the printer guys often beat my prices. There are a couple sign shops local that run flat bed printers and will knock out a 4'x8' sign for $190 regardless of the color coverage. I don't even try and compete with that.
  9. I would be $5 per SF for two color vinyl plus the substrate. On the substrate I go cost plus 30%. With the SF on the vinyl I always round up to the next foot increment of larger size so like the 16" x 40" would be 2FT x 4FT and the other 8FT x 3FT. You'll have two whole sheets of signboard or Diabond or water you are using so the total cost of those two sheets including any running around you may have plus 30%. That's my method. Some probably go higher for the vinyl SF price but that works about right in my area.
  10. Send a link to this thread and they can watch in on their own forum.
  11. I prefer to have the file all in one place so it's all there in a year when they want another one and I can load it up and remember what was what. I also save all my work at full scale and rarely use the scaling feature to change the size of stuff when I cut for the same reason. Even a month later try to remember what size you cut something at if you did adjust it. Not gonna happen. My HTV work I mirror when I save it so I will have to flip it to read it, has saved me a few times.
  12. Ha ha practically a double post!
  13. A little info would help diagnose. What vinyl? What shirt? What press? Most often that is a lack of heat or time or pressure. Out of those three predominantly it's temperature that is the issue. Have you checked your press with an infra-red temp gun?
  14. My best bud from HS has a 1971 RT challenger sitting in a garage since the late 80's. Factory electric sunroof and a bunch of other goodies. Worth a lot of $$$.