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  1. Best/Good Heat Press Brands

    Gimicky would be in the all in one category. Those are kind of sucky for all the extra stuff they are supposed to be able to do. Spend more on a dedicated press. I know starting out is a lot of money but if you can find a way to budget for a Fusion do it. I looked at several high end options and settled on the fusion and after having it I can't tell you how glad I am I went this way. The threadable platen and quick change options make production a snap. I can say with authority the thing has paid for itself in saved time in a single season. I also suggest getting the 11"x 15" and the leg/sleeve platens. The 11"x 15" turned sideways is perfect for hoodie fronts so you don't fight the heavy front pocket seam holding the platen up and the leg/sleeve will slide in most necks (thanks again to the totally threadable design) to do long sleeve shirts and across the shoulders on football uniforms etc... This just my $0.02. I started with a budget swing away press and ran it for about 2.5yrs. That works too but OH the difference.
  2. Some posts were removed to protect the innocent.
  3. Material help on HTV

    I think you are probably worrying about it more than you should especially if you warned them. Just do it and do the best you can to keep from having to obvious of a mark and let it go. The last glitter job I did for a cheer team they came back the next time and went with something else because all the glitter came off. Or at least a lot of it did as they washed and wore them. No where near the longevity of regular htv work. The second year we went with some neon colors instead and they lasted longer in that environment.
  4. Material help on HTV

    The only thing I can say is I have pressed the rest of the garment so it is more evenly covered and it helped. I have only had a very few issues like you are dealing with. Are you covering the whole thing with a piece of kraft paper? I have had shiny spots on 100% ploy when in direct contact with the platen that did not happen when I used some butcher paper or kraft paper in there. You said they left you an extra which leads me to understand these are customer supplied. If these were customer supplied I would call them and back out of the job or feign that you want to and tell them there will be some press marks that you are not 100% comfortable with. Let them make the call and if there are some marks they were warned. You won't lose as much money that way.
  5. The kill switch is on the opposite side to where the head usually sets when it's not cutting. Should be red but may not be.
  6. Decals for Aircraft

    My local seller is a 3M/Gerber dealer so I buy it off and on when I need a certain color or if I run out of something last minute. I like the 225 with the synthetic liner especially for tiny cut jobs. Weeds wonderful. The regular 220 is fine but nothing special as compared to Oracal and the 225 is not available locally at 15" or 30" so I still primarily buy 751 or 951 from USCutter. Hard to beat that stuff and their prices are better as long as I have time for the two day shipping.
  7. Gather media during cutting

    Is that 3G heat transfer for shirts? If so it will generally lay down flat once you press it. If you continue having problems there are transfer products that you use the same way you would use transfer paper to lift the design and take it to the garment. Then press and pull the transfer off after the install. I tried the transfer material and it was so-so but I generally do it the same as you did there in the pics. Some designs are much touchier so you might have to give it a try. http://www.uscutter.com/NEW-Siser-TTD-Easy-Mask
  8. Decals for Aircraft

    Near as I can tell 3M 220/225 is pretty much the equivalent of 951. If you buy some see if you can get the 225. It's the same vinyl but on a clear synthetic liner. It's nice stuff and the liner can be used for awesome stencils later as well as re-used for multi layer work in place of parchment paper. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/48792-layering-with-parchment-paper/
  9. I’m back but how long?

    I don't know how I missed this post but great to hear from you Hatter! Hope your health is holding up.
  10. Graphtec ce6000 24 in

    I'm with MadHatter. How's your new digs treating you Mercer?
  11. Decals for Aircraft

    I did a one off number set and logo for a bush pilot up in Anchorage AK. He gave me the specs and being a bush pilot in AK was not too picky (I think those guys are about half crazy) but there are a LOT of extra regulations when dealing with the FAA. His definitely had special requirements one of which was actual size and a certain font for the numbers. He installed so I didn't have to mess with that. I believe we used Oracal 951 for him but it was several years ago so I can't remember.
  12. Max Mat Size SCALP4

    That's a great point Primal. Just because your upgrade your software to cut longer does not mean your cutter can do it. Many of the budget models are severely limited in memory and may have issues with really large jobs. Not only long but larger file sizes. I can't remember if SCALP4 has a spooler to help out with that or not or if it works. Not sure what cutter you are running but many of the lower end machines are most friendly with 36" max and about 3/4" or larger lettering. Not saying they won't do more than that but you will have best results without spending a lot of time trying to fine tune a steam engine if you work in that range. I think some indication of the recommended length of cut etc. is indicated on the website. Tracking on long cuts will also be a real fun thing. If you are running a Graphtec ignore the previous comments. I think the servo Titan's are pretty capable as well. The rest, well they will help you develop your operator skills. I ran a budget cutter for 2-1/2 years and did some pretty big and complicated stuff so it CAN be done if you dial in perfectly and sometimes learn how to cheat.
  13. Graphtec ce6000 24 in

    How you been Hatter!?
  14. Snowmobile tracks

    I agree with you. I am from the other side of the continent but also snow country and there isn't squat for a decent (and accurate) vector file out there.
  15. I have a friend who commissioned a tiki themed surfboard sigh for one of his kids hoodie. The pic is a little dark from bad lighting but it shows what you can do with the full color options at F&M custom screen print transfers. Thought I would post it up. This in on the back of a royal blue hoodie and looks more vibrant in person. I originally did one of these on a 3G printed screen print but they don't hold up all that long and she wore it out so this is a Christmas gift coming to her soon.