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  1. Here is a good study guide from Roland. Not your machine brand but the overall concepts are exactly the same. ra_cutter blade knowledge.pdf
  2. Do you happen to have your tangential emulation check marked? If so check the setting for lead in. That feature is designed to set the blade down a little early and allow it to turn on the way into a cut so it is pointed the correct way when it starts cutting. It should only be set for about what your blade offset is. Possibly it set WAY to far and coming down too early. The feature is misleading because it only does it at the start of a line and not in every corner like you would think. If it's not that then it's likely a file issue. You can post the working file here if it's under 1000 kb and someone can take a look. Your letters look very rounded. That is usually a sign that your blade offset is too low. I know you said you checked your blade depth but I would make double or triple sure that you don't have too much out. Most new users have way too much out. I am not saying that this is the cause of your problem but if there were too much out it would be dragging early on its way to the letter. You should almost to be able to see the blade with the naked eye. If you pull the holder out of the cutter and cut a piece of vinyl by hand with moderate pressure it should not be able to cut clear through the vinyl and backing.
  3. I pinned the post so it will be easier to find the link and pdf
  4. Just a reminder, if you signed up for free downloads your time is about up and need to cancel or start paying
  5. Best advice is get the best cutter you can afford. If you are just getting your feet wet and not wanting to invest much I would suggest avoiding the MH bottom of the barrel cutter. It is definitely an affordable way to try it out but at the lower level each step up in the cutter levels make a significant improvement. The SC is a better choice. If you anticipate multiple copies of logo's for shirts you will have better long term success with a name brand cutter (Graphtec or Roland would be my suggestion). HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) comes on a plastic liner and generates a lot of static electricity as you run it through the cutter. Most of the lower level cutters suffer from all sorts of issues in large part due to static. A single design may not be an issue but trying to cut vinyl for 30 shirts becomes a problem.
  6. Feeling like old times again
  7. We don't see much about the artcut software on the forum What we do see is it is known to pretty much suck. Good luck. You might try the free trial of SignCut Pro or Vinyl Master or one of the other several well known options out there.
  8. Agree with Skeeter. SignCut Pro 1 is what I use and can vouch for the tech support being live and top notch. You start with a ticket and they will get back to you pretty quickly in my experience. I had some issues and had to have them remote in and fix a couple things. They rock IMHO.
  9. What software are you going to run it with? Many of the Chinese cutters will run on some of the generic drivers. There is sometimes a little placard on the back or bottom with a little more info. That looks similar to ones built by Seiki that I have seen.
  10. Not sure if any of you guys have ever followed Spoon Graphics. Chris Spooner has a blog or a webpage that I get regular emails from. Gives a lot of outstanding tutorials on both PS and AI. Really talented fellow and you will see his work all over the place once you start following him. Anyway I just got a notification that graphicstock is running a 7 day 20 items a day free download as a free trial of their site. Not 100% sure if this is for all comers or just something offered through Spoon Graphics emailing but someone might go check. I already signed up and can't tell if it's available for the general public. Great opportunity to grab some vector stocks for anyone who does this on a regular basis.
  11. Should have some cut by color options to choose which color you want. When you vector it maybe it is leaving a hole in the box? If so hide or lock the top object and then delete the other from being part of the box.
  12. He means searching for just a letter or two instead of the whole string. It can make a difference sometimes.
  13. Seems fine.
  14. post the svg, maybe there is a file build issue.
  15. Never used either one, sorry.