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  1. SC Oercutting

    What software are you cutting with? That sounds like a software driver issue.
  2. How would you handle this?

    Bottom line is you did a good turn and were willing to try and resolve the situation. They will come back I bet ya.
  3. Cutout font in a windshield banner...

    Several way to accomplish this. An easy way is to design it in two color with the knock out area being the second color and then just cut both colors at the same time and it will do exactly what you are looking for with the abused and stockish examples. You can also build it with the knock out by using the knock out tool if that is available in the letter version of VM. For the windshield cut you should be able to do similar and draw a box the size of the outer limits and cut everything same idea as with the other. Also may be able to figure out how to move your cutter head in and over so it is set to zero at a point far enough in from the edges to allow the overbuild and set that as your zero stating point. I do that from time to time but it's usually easier to use a big box around the lettering so it gets centered perfectly.
  4. Back Lit signs

    They are not rocket science but some of the electrical work should probably enlist the aid of a qualified electrical contractor. Biggest thing about a weird shape is the traditional way of sliding a substrate in may not work and you would have to build it with other methods in mind to change out the substrate and get at the tubes.
  5. Skeeter is on point. Most of the free vectors you can download will have the user license along with it that will tell you how you may use their art. Most of the free stuff is for personal use only. A lot of fonts are similar. Even the ones you pay to use may have restrictions that will prevent their use in some ways. Many of the paid designs will allow use as a product but not as a design or part of a design that is a logo or going to a client. So you could buy a cool cat and make t-shirts and sell the shirts but not sell the cat design or use it as part of a business logo like "Hot Cat Tee's" Many will negotiate with you if you want to use it that way but it takes some extra effort and expense. I have a client that wanted a cool phoenix logo as part of his new business logo. He found one online and wanted me to use it. I tracked it down to a tattoo artist in Poland but the guy would never respond to any of the attempts I made to contact him. We scrapped the design and found a different one that was available to use. Worst thing you could do for a client is sell them something and then have them get their butts sued off by some graphic artist for copyright infringement. Guess who would then be the one dragged into the mess?
  6. Gotta use more than one pinch roller!!!

    Ha, nice to know I'm not the only one to have that happen. Mine was about a week after I got my first cutter and on that particular machine practically the whole drive bar was open but only had traction grit in a few places. I had tried to use an odd sized scrap and slid one of the pinch rollers over and it was no longer over anything it could get traction on. Same results as you with the broken tip and all. Didn't figure out the broken tip for a while either. Those are good learning experiences that sort of SEAR the knowledge in nice and deep.
  7. Graphtec Question

    I don't own a Graphtec so take what I say with that understanding. I looked heavily at an FC when I was shopping for an upgrade. Great machine as are the CE models. Graphic is smart and has the easy to use plug-ins that only Graphtec owners can use. Your Graphtec Studio is the next newest generation of that idea. The problem with the Studio version is as Skeeter said it will not export files and I believe there are or have been issues even importing files. There was talk about a year or two ago about a Pro version coming out that could be BOUGHT as an upgrade and it was supposed to allow export of files and most or all of the regular design and cut tools you find in other design and cut combo programs. I don't think I have heard of it being out yet so not sure what happened to that whole thing. Skeeter nailed the main point and I am responding to drive that point home with a nod to her acumen. At your stage of the game you will expend an inordinate amount of time and effort to learn many things. About half of that effort will be the design/file side of owning a cutter. Be smart about what you choose to do because it may not be worth your time and aggravation to learn a program that will end up being more trouble than it's worth. Here are my thoughts: I don't use Inkscape but I do have a copy on almost every computer that I own because it's FREE and a solid back-up to have around for no cost. Many people become good with it and that's all they use. I had already invested many hours into learning Adobe Illustrator and tend to stick with that since it's what I know. There are some solid programs that are available to purchase or "rent" one of which is Vinyl Master. Most of the programs come in different levels depending on need. IMO you will need something more or less fully functional with the exception of print based work and in VM that is the Pro version. I think it runs about $400. Flexi is probably the sign industry standard and most use it to compare to. Great program but REALLY expensive. There are lesser versions and older versions that you can possibly get cheaper. Don't know the details so I won't act like I do. Many use a combination of design and cut programs. I design in AI and cut with SignCut Pro 1. Many do similar with either Inkscape or Corel. All three are compatible with SignCut plug-ins. Inkscape as mentioned earlier has a solution they are still working on to run a cutter. I think it's called InkCut and I also hear it is in the very early stages and pretty limited in user friendliness. Also mentioned here is the age old SignBlazer which is free as well. Has a strong group of followers but absolutely no support since the designer died. My suggestion would be to take some time and try out as many programs as you can that are free or have free trials and see if you can find one that your brain likes. Most of the above are PC only, I didn't see any word on what platform you run.
  8. Cuts being off on designs

    I agree with darcshadow. On the mac your other option is going to be SignCut. They have a free trial. Awesome company to deal with too.
  9. how to load straight

    Be sure that you have the pinch rollers over the drive shaft. Not sure the layout of your Titan 2 machine but hopefully there is a spacing along there that allows you to use 10" Material. A few of the Titan models had a strange spacing. You have to place the pinch rollers over the open spots where the drive shaft is showing through. Pay particular attention to the info given by MZ SKEETER : (To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see or feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.) Biggest single mistake is to have too much blade out. Causes all sorts of bad feelings.
  10. Cuts being off on designs

    My first guess would be tracking as well. double check that your pinch rollers haven't lost a spring or that they are fully over a knurled drive bar.
  11. Newbie Needs Help

    The Cut version of VM is pretty basic. If you are on a tight budget or just trying to get your feet wet to see if this is something you want to get into download Inkscape. It is a free vector software. SignCut works with it too. The SignBlazer that Slice linked you to is a totally free design and cut software as well although very old and has no support some have had good luck with it.
  12. Before & After Of Recent Work

    That's a LONG van. Looks good.
  13. how to load straight

    One trick of the trade is to place the roll on the back rollers feed some through and hold the roll down so it sits well nestled in between them with any excess rolled up tight. Pull lightly on the end you have coming out the front while you keep the pressure on the roll in back and this will create a square position with the cutter. You may have to slide both eh roll and the end you hold around a bit until you get it where you want it but this will help you get square and should help with the feed. Once you clamp it then do the pre-feed as Skeeter says for the length of the proposed job and you will know before you cut that it will stay straight. If your material rollers on the back have any kind of plates that will hold your roll from walking sideways that is a plus. This all assumes you have a stand and rollers on the back. If not then you just have to play with it until you fine the sweet spot and maybe mark a line with a piece of tape just outside the edge or a sharpie (this is if your rulers are not aligned).
  14. Newbie Needs Help

    SignCut should handle SVG you must be doing something wrong. SignCut will be the best bet if you already have Corel and know how to use it. I use it daily and it's a rock solid program. Did you load the plugin for corel or str you just opening the file up in SignCut? (either is fine) Start by trying to cut the graphic that comes up when you open SignCut up. It's their logo and you can soon tell if your cutter is hooked up correctly. You may have to log in and get a support ticket. SignCut has live tech support.
  15. Font help

    Closest I could get was SF Sports Night NS but it's not an exact match either.