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  1. Could be Artcut, I have heard it's not a great cutting program but the issues you describe sound like Static. The Budget cutters are very susceptible to static discharge and will do all sorts of wonky things.
  2. Shop series or professional cutter?

    Sorry I can't help out much in the graphic department due to not actually using that set-up but I have seen a lot of posts recently about the offering. You will have some learning to do for sure. I think that's a given with any change. Other than the initial pain it's usually worth the effort to improve yourself. The Graphtec's are known for being bullet proof and have built a name that few other cutters can compete with due to their reliability and build quality. I started out with a P-Cut for about 2-1/2 years so I know what you are going through. Someone once said "The quality remains long after the price has been forgotten" and that definitely hold true to cutters. My Summa is a little different but similar to the CE. I have cut 30 or 40 feet of HTV in relatively small 3" wide Left Chest logos on that thing. I set it up and got it running and went to bed and it cut all night and was sitting there when I woke up the next day. You can't do THAT with a P-Cut. Heck I couldn't get more than about 10 of anything before it wigged out.
  3. Hi and thank you

  4. Shop series or professional cutter?

    In that price range the CE-6000 wins hands down. I believe Graphtec is now offering a free cutting software that is proprietary and basically a rebranded Flexi program. I don't own a Graphtec but it would be my #2 choice. (I run a Summa but they are half again as much as your budget and only come in 30Inch or larger)
  5. HTV Help with Time/Temp and Effect

    I NEVER wash shirts before install either
  6. HTV Help with Time/Temp and Effect

    Cold is literally cold. Not even warm and be careful pulling it off the press not to dislodge things when handling them while hot. I hate cold peel but when I do some I carefully set it aside and come back and peel the carrier after all there rest are done. Way slow.
  7. Hello from a new guy

    You are correct! Ha ha! Cinematography?
  8. Yeah it's time to move on. I have a Pro version but have not learned it very well. To tell you the truth I am a mac user and so use Illustrator and SignCut Pro 1 as my workflow. That being said if you are a pc person which you must be the VM Pro is a really good program. Heck I originally paid close to $400 for my SignCut Pro 1 dongle. So as far as bang for the buck the program has it going on. I have it on an alternate pc computer and have not taken the time to learn it very well but it has some really well thought out tools. The shadow options in particular are absolutely wonderful. (this is an area where AI makes some actions unnecessarily complicated) So if I were at a pivotal point and needing a good overall program the Pro or higher version would be my choice. I have not looked into what the Letter version has vs the Pro. It looks like the Exp version gets into print work.
  9. Hello from a new guy

    That's just some string type LED lights from Lowes. The kind you cut to length. That is my first ever edge lit, all my other creations are just natural light.
  10. Hello from a new guy

    Here is an edge lit example of one I did for my day job boss.
  11. Hello from a new guy

    Welcome from Idaho. If you have any left in the bank and can swing a cheap (harbor freight) sandblast cabinet you can make some sweet etched glass options. I don't really sell that type of thing but Christmas and Wedding gifts are super personal and you can buy all sorts of inexpensive glass objects and mirrors to work with.
  12. Hello from PA

    Welcome from Idaho. I'm a mac guy and AI fan so let me know if I can help you out. There is a great tutorial I put together a while back in the Adobe Illustrator section that covers the basics of what you need for design work that is prepped to cut. AI is daunting to the newbie but once you get your head wrapped around the basics it's not so bad. Incidentally I use SignCut Pro 1 in conjunction with AI so if you have issues with SCALP that's a better alternative. They used to package cutters with a years use of SignCut. It does not have any design capabilities but has all the bells and whistles for cutting. I think there is a new version out that has some multi-function action going on but I am so embedded with AI that I have not looked into it.
  13. what tape top use for doing layers?

    Clear tape is sucky. Most pro's use paper tape. I agree with darcshadow, if you are finding you are lifting already applied layers back off the final substrate then you have something else going wrong.
  14. HTV weeded ready to be press on but not sticky? in store

    I stack it up if I have multiples. Just don't stick them with the sticky side to sticky side or it can stick to the cut vinyl and pull it off the opposite carrier. If I am storing extras for any amount of time I either put a used piece on to protect it so the sticky side of the used one gets all the crap stuck to it or sometimes two pieces if I have them the right size. Two used pieces of backing stuck together so no sticky sides them stick the left over graphic on them and throw it in a storage box. (or put a piece of parchment paper on the back). I actually keep a plastic tub built with filing hangers for paperwork and label my extra stuff by client and keep them around. I often come back to them and use the stuff later. Sometimes YEARS later.