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  1. Did you make sure the red button over on the far side did not get hit by the carriage or by some other accidental means?
  2. Wildgoose

    Another new guy to vinyl

    Welcome from Idaho. You're over halfway in my neck of the woods. Great group of support here.
  3. Wildgoose

    Sublimation big problem!!

    If that is the case that you printed, the black looks great so you must be about right on your heat, time and pressure. There is a lot of variation that can happen depending on how you change those three control items. I am surprised that you didn't seem to get any color at all and is why Dakota would suspect the ink. Try a bolder color a darker pink etc.... you will have some trial and error with sublimation. You might grab an old (or new) 100% poly shirt to practice on and save some cases.
  4. I am like you and am not a strong free artist. However, in this world you don't have to be. The best method to do these kinds of things is to insert an image into your software, reduce it's opacity to about 50% if you can, lock it so you won't move it and draw over the top by tracing the edges of the objects with the manual drawing tools. You'll have to learn the skill but it's not that hard with a little practice. Each software has it's own quirks with the drawing tools but once you figure them out the world will open up for you. The auto trace options rarely give the quality clean images done by hand tracing. Also, whenever possible find the font and type in the lettering or switch the font out to something similar if you can't find it. Typed font's always come out much cleaner than traced fonts. The font builders spend many hours perfecting the look of their letters that are very hard to duplicate in a hurry.
  5. Wildgoose


    I would bet that the cutter is trying to run on GPGL I read a post about the cutters defaulting to GPGL if they are ran on Graphtec software and needing to go in and swap the command language if running other cutting software. I don't own or know much about the Graphtec cutters other than what I read about them but that seems to be the best starting place. Double check the setting on the machine itself and make sure its set to HPGL.
  6. Wildgoose

    CE7000 Double cutting

    Yeah that's exactly it. If you don't want the hassle you can do your outlines with path offset rather than stroke and save some time. I actually use this Illy feature a lot (use the stroked outlines I mean) to save time when building two color designs that I want to have overlap and let Illy do the line split for the lower color and the outline fits nicely and allows for some shrinkage on tee shirt designs. So it can save time when used on purpose.
  7. Wildgoose

    CE7000 Double cutting

    Take a look in your layers stack and you will probably find an unfilled bject (object with no fill color). Certain operations in Illustrator can cause an extra layer to be included within the design. Most often these are in areas that are considered open "holes" within a design but I have seen them outside in some situations. It is rare that custom vectors are built to what I would call "cut ready" state. Unless someone is in the business they don't realize that cutting programs will still recognize lines and curves that have no fill or stroke and it CAN cause issues. Theoretically if you are cutting by color you would not accidentally get those objects but it can get messy pretty easy. The unfilled open holes problem in Illustrator most often comes from using the "merge" command and it is therefore best to use the "unite" command instead whenever possible. The "merge" command is very similar to "unite" but does not remove or ignore any internal objects within a compound path. Just one of Illustrators exhaustive options for specific situations. In older versions of Illy the 'merge" was immediately visible but I notice that in the current cloud version they have half hidden it which is nice IMO.
  8. Good point, probably be cheaper to just buy the lowest version and do it
  9. Maybe find someone with SCAL willing to open and re-export your files into a usable option for a small nominal fee?
  10. Wildgoose

    Backer for stencil cutting

    I have layered about 3 layers of app tape to create a makeshift carrier. Kind of one time use but it worked for me.
  11. Staffer? LOL sorry but even us Moderators on the forum are not paid employee's, only volunteers helping keep the forum rolling in our spare time. We don't work for US Cutter. We willingly help out because we have a passion for the craft and (for me at least) I recieved a TON of help from people on here when I first started into cutting and have felt like I wanted to pay it forward. Essentially everyone on here is attempting to help out where we can but both our skills and our time are limited. VM does frequent the forum and apparently has seen your posts so you have benifited a little from that. Good luck and I suggest following through with a remote session.
  12. Wildgoose

    Vinyl Layering

    You would need to either select the color of those registration marks (selecting 2 colors at the same time in your cutting software) or make a second copy of the mark exactly over the top of the first set and make them the same color as that color of the design. If exactly stacked you won't see them but both layers will be there when you go to cut by color. Not sure what program you are using to design but there is often an option to paste an item in place or on top etc... Copy paste in place and then change the color of the new set is how I do it.
  13. Wildgoose

    MH871-MK2 MAC Drivers

    You might try the free trial of SignCut Pro and see if it will run the MH. We have occasionally had people try but not many that have reported back to the forum. If you are able to get it to cut please give feedback for the next guy.
  14. Wildgoose

    Vinyl Layering

    If you make your own registration marks you can place them wherever you want. You could have a set that are specific to the metallic and another set that are specific to the third color.
  15. Wildgoose

    Changing registration marks

    As bikemike mentioned many of us manually create our layering registration marks so we can place them where we want them (and use a shape we like, I like a plus mark). You can do like he said and make them a completely separate color layer from the rest and cut that color along with each color layer and all layers will have the circle. Not sure if there are options to change to regular mark or not. Alternatively you can make a set for one color layer and copy/paste them in place in a stack and change the color of each set to match the next color layer. This is more work but is how I do it most of the time.