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  1. Wildgoose

    splicing two colors

    I am not good at design with VM but you should have some tools to cut this into sections. In fact there are probably two or three ways to get there. I design in Adobe Illustrator so my skill set is not going to be helpful. In AI I would build the design then drop a rectangle over the part I wanted a different color and use it to divide the three sections. Bear in mind on the shirt it will be a little challenging to line all that up because once you press the first color it will cause things to shrink and expand and the next layer will be hard to get perfect alignment. You should always pre-heat your garment but even that will not stop the shrink and movement that happens with HTV. Best way I have found is to preheat extra long then press the first color just enough to get the carrier off (about 3 seconds with Siser) then quickly get the second layer on before it has chance to cool off too far. Still hard. I often design with some overlap to try and help. That particular design has those dividing lines and they will help hide misalignment so someone has their thinking cap on with that layout.
  2. Wildgoose

    BBQ Trophy

    Ha ha love the trophy . Mark I am jealous of your router.
  3. Glad you are rolling! One good trick to use when in doubt about an image is to view it in wire frame mode. What you see in wire frame is what the cutter will see. SO if you see just a square box and no image inside it is a raster image (picture made of pixels not vector lines and curves) If the design is already vectored you will see the lines. You will also see hidden things that will mess with your cut like clipping masks that artists use to apply gradient fills etc... Depending on where you buy graphic art you may see all sorts of things that aren't actually cut ready. Sometimes things like non-welded script text or even hidden items that were on another layer that they forgot to delete. I do most of my own artwork for this very reason but clients often send me "cut ready" vectors and about 2 in 10 are actually ready to go.
  4. Wildgoose

    help me find the font

    Closest I could find is Virtucorp Regular but it's not a perfect match. A lot of the racing numbers are sold as a customer set of numbers that aren't an actual font.
  5. Wildgoose

    Latest project

    Pops good and matches the overall building layout nicely.
  6. Wildgoose

    Help with easy company logo

    When I can't find the exact font (which happens a lot) I start with the closest I can find and then modify it until I'm happy with it. Typically I place the original image in the background of my design program and build the new one over the top so all the layout is correct. Others will auto trace and then clean up the nodes but I find that takes me too long. If you have skills with photoshop or gimp and make the image super clean and straight black and white it will auto trace better. Text rarely comes through good though and that's why I prefer to just build it from scratch. This just one mans opinion.
  7. Wildgoose

    Help with easy company logo

    Raleway bold or semi-bold is going to be very close on the OSWEGO font.
  8. Wildgoose

    Friendly Reminder

    Thanks arty. I lost my HD last winter on my mac (after 8 years). Luckily I had most everything except a few invoices for a couple months on a back up drive but it motivated me to step up my game so I have a double external redundant set running now and did a single on my wifes mac too. Costco had 5TB drives for like $89 or something silly so I bought us each one and I already had a 1TB hooked up to mine.
  9. Wildgoose

    VM, SCALP?

    I agree with Dakota, VM may take more learning to switch over and will possibly cost more if you upgrade to Letter or Pro but is by far a better design and cut program. If you do go that route and do upgrade it I would go to the Pro level. There is also Expert but most of those tools come into play with printing.
  10. Wildgoose

    Titan 3 Cutting Issue

    I use SignCut Pro 1 which has an Illustrator plug-in. I am a mac guy and it's the best option for mac (assuming you also use Adobe Illustrator which it sounds like you do). It is not free though. I like it because it will work on any cutter and on both mac and pc. I bought the lifetime dongle so I can load it on multiple computers and just plug in the dongle to cut from whichever one I need to. There is now a Pro 2 version that has some design options (Pro 1 does not, it's strictly a cutter interface) I have not played with Pro 2 at all because I do all my design in AI anyway.
  11. Tonero I see people do it. It depends on the paper you are using I think. The 3G for darks is definitely a type of vinyl product that you can contour cut and weed very similar to regular sign vinyl. I have even seen people do this with JPSS for light shirts but have never tried JPSS. I did a couple with 3G but the registration marks for the contour cut have to be out away from the graphic far enough that you lose a lot of your print space. I don't know of your plotter has an optical eve or if you have to manually line everything up. I usually just use transfer paper for white shirts with JPSS cause I don't like the feel of the 3G or any other type for darks. With JPSS it's faster to trim by hand with an exacto blade. Being a clear transfer product you can't really see the edges as long as you don't let them be a straight line. Do not pre wash your shirts. Several reasons: You will introduce more moisture, they shirt will do weird things and no longer lay flat properly, most washing detergent leaves residue and lastly there is usually a natural crease down the middle that the factory used to align the shirt when sewing it that helps align the logo. You can press your own crease but time is money and in any kind of volume you don't want to mess with washing or extra press time trying to get the moisture to steam out or throwing a crease to keep it all straight.
  12. Wildgoose


    No luck on my search either. Definitely a racing font possibly a custom one off or from a special number set that is not an actual font/typeface.
  13. Wildgoose

    Help with VM Ltr

    Ah sweet glad you figured it out. VM is pretty awesome. If I was a windows platform dude I would be more into it myself.
  14. Wildgoose

    How to Connect MH 871 via USB

    Thanks for the feedback. Always helpful when we get someone that takes a moment and responds. <I pinned it so it won't get buried>
  15. Very few free cutting softwares. I have a friend who bought a Seiki and it came with the same Art Cut you have. I am experienced at cutting for 9 or 10 years now and I could not get that software to work it was very buggy and would not connect. There are probably people with more technical computer knowledge that could get it to work but it was beyond my skills. I had them download and try out the free trial of SignCut Pro. It is a paid program but offers a trial period. If you have budget constraints it probably isn't what you are looking for but it might at least get you cutting for the free period.