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  1. Hello, The reason for sorting by Width is that because you have step-by-step, the knife will only move in that step-length at a time, that means that it will never move more than the step-length in the Roll-length direction. Instead by setting sorting by Width, the cutter-head will move quicker between the objects on the width of the machine, but since you use step-by-step it will not move back and forth down the vinyl. So the conclusion is this. The cutter will never move longer than a step-length at a time, which means that if the tracking would go bad when cutting a 57" long artwork, all of the artwork is Ok, except the step that broke, you can now tile the artwork in SignCut-X2 and cut the remaining part and then mount it. This way you never risk to waste alot of vinyl (and money). The key-part is: SignCut-X2 always cuts a step-length at a time, then walks down the vinyl roll when everything is cut within that area. If a machine has pretty bad tracking, then set the step-length small, like 100 to 300mm. Here, i attached a image for visualisation.
  2. Hello, I can't speak for the Chrome, but i can come up with some suggestions. 1. If it cuts squares in the corners, that sounds like the "Use exterior corner registration marks"-feature. You can turn that off in the Settings-dialogue. 2. To get better alignment and less movement, please try to setup the software like this: * Open the Settings-dialogue, tick the checkbox named "Sorting", in the selectionbox, choose "Width" * In the same dialogue, tick the item named "Step-by-step Cutting". * Set the "Step-by-step cutting length" to "3.937" inches, if you use inch, otherwise 100mm. Click Ok. What this means is that the program will sort all objects width-wise, and cut everything (including the surrounding weedingframe) within that step-size (3.937inch) before walking down the vinyl. This means that there are less risk of getting the problems with objects not lining-up. For more information about this unique feature, read here. Regarding bladeoffset, if it's in inches, the default is: 0.0118 for this machine. (0.30mm), but it depends on the blades used. Good luck.
  3. wg_hans

    Issue With Upgrade???

    Hello, There is very little information about the "TR/Dldr.Banload.B.3". However we do ofcourse scan our systems regularily and also use updated antivirus softwares. (in my case Nod32). I've scanned my whole system and used two online-services and nothing is found. I would suspect that your antivirus software reacted as a heuristic scanner, that is, it tries to determine potential threats by using analytics through neural networks. That means that it's not sure there's really a problem, just that it thinks it may be. You can read more about heuristic scanning by clicking on this link. Regarding SignIt-X2 though, do you get any error-message? Please redownload the V2.21 (we updated the plugins) through this link. http://www.sc-x2.com/files/scx2.exe
  4. wg_hans

    Where you from?

  5. Just wanted to add that we have updated the driver for this machine to support setting Speed and Force from the software. You can get the update here. SignCut-X2 V2.21
  6. wg_hans

    Couple Small Problems

    Hello, Regarding the problem with perfect cut, it may be the perfect cut. , Did you read the manual about how it works?, it makes an initial cut outside of outerobjects and drags the knife into the right angle before cutting the object, therefore you will get a little cut-line at the original-point. The point of this is to let the dragging-knife sweep to the right angle before cutting the object, which results in cleaner-cuts, however you will have the little cut-line on the vinyl (the waste vinyl which you remove) instead. Nowadays with SignCut-X2 V2.21 the perfect cut is mostly not needed as we have the "Angle Optimizer" which tries to keep the knife at the same angle when starting to cut objects, yielding the same result. Regarding the Waiting-message, it could be due to two things. One is that our driver doesn't terminate the cutting correctly on Mac, and if so, we will ofcourse fix that. Another thing could be that the serial-pin signals are set wrong after cutting, causing the plotter to be waiting. But it seems as it could be a driver issue. Please download the attached driver, unpack it (doubleclick) and save the unpacked file under the "/applications/SignCut/drivers/" folder. If i dialogue pops up, choose to replace the file. Now restart SignCut-X2 and see if it helps. USCutterLaserPoint24.zip USCutterLaserPoint24.zip
  7. Hello, Have you opened the Example-files in Illustrator? , or you may also open the templates which includes registrationmarks. The location for those files are /Applications/SignCut/Examples/Simple_Contourcut/Illustrator I would recommend you to try to print out the example file, and follow the guide: http://www.sc-x2.com/files/pdf/setup_contourcutting.pdf Then when you get that to work, open up one of our templates and use as base for your contourcutting. The important part is that the registrationmarks needs to be included when the cutting-data is sent to SignCut-X2, therefore you can't use the printer-dialogue registrationmarks when printing.
  8. Available here: Step-by-step guide to Laserpoint Contourcutting Video demonstration Announcement postcard This has been successfully demonstrated on the exhibition in Guangzhou in China. Feedback appreciated.
  9. wg_hans

    Cutter doesnt Respond

    Ok. When did that errormessage appear, and could you attach a screenshot of it as i've never heard of that before, but it could be due to a new executable-compressor we used for this release. Regarding the adapter, we have one of those, but i can't remember if there was a problem with it and Mac (it's not working-hours right now). But i would recommend you to try to get hold of a keyspan adapter just for the sake of finding the source of the problem, and if it works, then return this one to the store. http://www.keyspan.com/products/usa19hs
  10. wg_hans

    Cutter doesnt Respond

    Hello, That's odd, as the LED is blinking, it indicates that is sent properly to the machine, check that the Baudrate on the machine is the same as in SignCut-X2, sometimes it's easy to change it on the machine by mistake when handling the menu on the machine. Another thing i would do is to rename the current Signcut folder under the /Applications folder to something like Signcut-old and then redownload and reinstall SignCut-X2. (Btw new release today, V2.21) , Link: click here. Then after installation, don't do any calibration or such, just try to make it cut as sometimes wrong values in the calibrationdialogue can cause extra troubleshooting. What kind of USB to Serial adapter is it? , if you don't know the brand, please try to give us a link to a similar model.
  11. Hello, Are you interested in contourcutting, then click on the link below. Greetings from Sweden What to find inside: * Step-by-step guide to get your Laserpoint calibrated and a example job done. * Video demonstrating the simple procedure involved. * And more.. .
  12. wg_hans

    Signcut vs. Signblazer

    Hello, I don't know about the precision cutting causing a freeze, but if you would use the "Enable Safe Longcuts" it could cause a freeze on Mac, it has been resolved with the new V2.21 of SignCut-X2 released today. Another thing in this release is the "Simple Contourcut" which allows you to cut contours simple, quickly and accurate, see this postcard for more information and links to a step-by-step guide and video demonstration: Greetings from Sweden
  13. Hello, I had some spare time this morning, and did these short videos for you. The first one shows how to repair your logo quickly in Illustrator. The steps taken was these: 1. Select all 2. Ungroup 3. Ungroup again 3. Select everything above the text and delete 4. Select an innerobject and delete, repeat for all innerobjects. Finished. Here is a video for that operation: http://www.sc-x2.com/files/mov/quickflash/wwwhondaklubben.swf Here is another short video showing how to combine objects in illustrator. http://www.sc-x2.com/files/mov/quickflash/combineinillustrator.swf
  14. Hello, I'm really sorry to hear about the problems. Here is what i would like you to test in order to determine what is causing the horrible line of death: 1. Insert paper and use a pen, and cut the same file again and see if there is any difference. 2. Try to power off / power on the machine between the cutting in case that is related to the problem. 3. Try to turn off the weedingframe in SignCut-X2 as some people says that could help (that could be explained in the case of static electricity as the machine runs the frame around, feeding quickly and building up static). 4. If a static-issue, then you can use the "Step-by-step" cutting feature in SignCut-X2, under the settings-dialogue, set the step-by-step distance pretty short, then it will cut everything including the frame within that area before continuing walking down the vinyl, hence reducing the risk for static-related problems. Please try the above, and report back. I have a Refine and my Mac here aswell, and if you could attach the file where the problem occur i could test it out aswell in order to track this down. Good luck