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  1. kevinl

    roland colorcamm pc-60

    haven't had any replys to this thread but thought I would throw out an update just in case anyone was interested??? I found a users manual online and printed it off. I bought a set of ribbons and also a keyspan to hook to the parallel port. When I try to do a self test the "busy" and "color" light flash.....anyone know what this means?? don't see it in the manual anywhere. the cut test seems to work well. I would be happy to use this thing as a plotter but I am not sure if sign blazer can output to it......any ideas??
  2. kevinl

    roland colorcamm pc-60

    Hello I just purchased a pc-60 along with some other equipment for a price I could not pass up either, so even if I use it as a back up plotter I would be happy. Mine come with no paperwork, manual, or software. I have always subed out my printing and dont have any experience getting a file from design software to printer. I do my design work in Illustrator cs4 and photoshop and run my current plotter with sign blazer elements. Could anyone walk me through what I will need as far as software,drivers ect to try this thing out?? Thanks!