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  1. DLA1234

    Caucasian colored heat press vinyl?

    That's what I was thinking, also. Thanks for the replies!!!!
  2. DLA1234

    Caucasian colored heat press vinyl?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the closest vinyl color to use for Caucasian skin tone? Thanks Don
  3. DLA1234

    Where do you get your garments?

    +1 to Heritage/Virginia T's
  4. DLA1234

    Removable, reusable vinyl for auto applications?

    thought about this also, just not sure if it's feasible with the size graphic he wants on the hood. he was saying about pretty much whole hood sized. Thinking I will give the wall vinyl a try on my own vehicle and see how it does. thanks for the answers.
  5. DLA1234

    Removable, reusable vinyl for auto applications?

    lol...hope those are typo's...haven't been 1000mph myself and he'll be mad if I tell him to do under 10.
  6. Have a customer who wants large decals to decorate his escolade but for them to not be permenant. Was thinking along the lines of the wall vinyl. Does anyone know if this would work? Will it stay adhered at highway speeds? And can it be reused/reapplied after it is removed? Thanks, Don
  7. DLA1234

    Guns and Coffee

  8. DLA1234

    online custom shirt companies

    What I tend to run into with customers is that they really don't have a clue as to what they want with a custom design. They come to me with a vague idea and after a lot of mock ups I get to what they really want. They won't get that kind of service at these do it yourself sites. my 2 cents. Don
  9. and here is the chive crown with the letter C in it the way they have it KCCOwithcrown.eps
  10. Hey all, Haven't been here in awhile, but being a fellow chiver I saw this thread and had to jump in. Here's a little treat for you. KCCO Don BFM3D.eps
  11. DLA1234

    New Skull