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    I have people screw up the numbers sometimes, and depending on their machines it will not catch it time end of the day credit card processing. Yes many place can not justify the $1000.00 card companies charge to processes every transactions. Nature of this economy.
  2. Sounds like normal operations anywhere is this economy. Where I work it is a 15 minute clean up time, and no overtime. You work over you get a write up because my employer holds true to the law here which says if I do anything work related 1 minute after the quater hour they need to pay for the complete next quater hour. So yes many days I find myself saying no as well to everything. Where I work you would not get a answer 30 minutes before close. May be the guy did not lie? Our UPS enters the building in the warehouse, and does his biz all by himself with no one there.
  3. Have a good holiday friends.
  4. Where is the best source of quality vinyl at a good price
  5. Have a happy holidays, and thank you all for the help this year.
  6. Just dropping in to say thanks for everything
  7. Hello, I am looking for knowledge on doing water transfers (aka curve printing), and heat transfer. I would like to know where you purchase your materials, and tools to get started on a enter level value? (AKA Hobbie). I have found a heat transfer Epson printer retailed by bestblank along with ink. I have spent hours learning, and reviewing subject matter about this subject so I would like to open a topic here with people I have learned a lot about my Copam cutter, and sign blaser software from. Reason, and use for process I will be using this for will be for applying images to powder coated surfaces. Any advice or thoughts please add. Thank you for your time.
  8. A blue patch appears in the lower rear corner in the cutter window. No picture. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hello, I have signblazer software, and when I send my tile which is expanded to 8"x11" to the cutter window it is reduced to .20"x.20" what is going on. I have reviewed my settings, and just can not get a grip on this. Thank you for any help.
  10. Yep it was the pinch roll placement. I thought it was something simple because I previously was able to cut large images before I had my head slammed on the pavement. Kind of lost a few brain matter. Now just having to catch up where I left of.
  11. Hello, Long time member first time caller. I have a CP 2500 that is suppose to cut close to 24" wide. The most I get is 12". I have read through the setup, and made trials. What am I doing wrong. Other than this the machine is great, and the sign blaser is a breeze. Thank you for any advice, and feel free to add any other thoughts of other things to consider. The item I want to cut is 37" long, and 23" + or - wide flame. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the help. All you input point me to learn more about SB.
  13. Hello, I have been trying to down load various posted graphic from here to check out. The problem I keep running into is my computer gives me a error message saying something to the lines of can not open in this program or even when I have saved the image. I have windows vista, and I have the sign blasers software. These images on here are either ai, or vertart. So how do I get a route to observe these images. I am able to download from brand soft, and general google. Thank you for yout time, and advice on the road I need to follow to enjoy.
  14. Hello, I am fairly new to the sight, and would need help on what I need to do to open graphics someone has posted on here. Thanks for help.
  15. issue is resolved with the help of USC. I guess they forgot to insert my number with cd. Stuff happens