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    Nice , font looks good.
  2. eat5

    More one off Steeler's decals

    Nice graphics, my hometown...
  3. eat5


    some of my files i've done last week. i been drawing for people more than cutting. i just got a 2 car account, 2 weeks into the graphics on them, requiring complete logo re-design.
  4. eat5

    new cuts

    keep messing up weeding...
  5. eat5

    math clock

    Nice. Neat Idea
  6. eat5

    50% deposit etc

    i show people a concept or thumbnail first before i even spend 4 hours drawing a logo, that way i dont waste time and materials. i just started doing vinyl, have been doing graphic design for 25 years.
  7. eat5

    recent work

    nice work, im gonna try some dashboard work soon. looks good.
  8. eat5

    First werks

    These are my first stickers that aren't just sign lettering done in SB, the round logo is KIA Motors logo in Korea drawn in Illustator CS5, the Korean writing says "KIA Motors" is done with Photoshop CS5, and the werk logo is a sharpie marker drawing i painfully had to figure out how to scan a marker drawing i did years ago and convert to work in SB, processed in Photoshop CS5 to get jagged edges off then converted in Illustrator CS5. slowly figuring this out.
  9. eat5


    wow, holy weeding lol, very nice.
  10. yes sir, knock on my particle board desk. im so tired it feels like someone threw a ashtray in my face, i ran my mouth so much to possible customers, i have 5 different orders and was stressing out loosing them, i went out and applied someone elses stickers on a truck today. when i was running the self install driver it was just flashing the cmd window so fast i coudn't read it, it wasnt installing the 64bit thing at all. when it worked properly it took a while to go in, out of frustration i changed the SB output port to match what the computer default port usb001, then the machine came alive, i did the test cut in SB "welcome to SBE etc." i cut it at 70mm/s 050g pressure, it cut alot better than my first try. Thanks all for the support. good people here.
  11. i used the self installing FTDI drivers this time.
  12. I GOT IT TO WORK, WOOOO HOOOO the crazy thing is, 2 problems, not mentioned in the tutorials. might have something to do with windows 7 service pack. the driver needs to be executed in compatibility settings "Run As Administrator" to properly install. i would include this in the download section for AMD 64bit systems. dont just run it in administrator mode, check the check box in the compatibility settings... and my ports are completely different, USB001 Virtual Port for USB on the printer properties. Sign Blazer Output device USB001 Thanks Skeeter, i still needed your help for the other setting or this wouldn't have jived. now i got to figure out how to keep my Pressure tracking wheels not to destroy the vinyl and my blade depth is a little too much, the blade is barely sticking out...
  13. atleast i know SignBlazer is set up right now :^) i get a failure to initialize error, so it must be on the driver end of this...
  14. ill try that, i know my settings are different in sign blazer. thanks.
  15. i went trough this stuff, it doesnt really explain windows 7 problems and the plotter i use is very different than the one used as example.