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    Need Wheat Stalk

    No problem PBear
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    Need Wheat Stalk,15064.0.html
  3. Mr Peabody

    What would you charge for this?

    +1 or more IMHO - but then again I not a professional You said it was railroad - Amtrak? Stimulus money? Not trying to be nosy, I'm doing some other work for Amtrak.
  4. Mr Peabody

    What would you charge for this?

    Another thing to consider is the condition of the container - Are they re-painted and clean? Is the paint oxidized? I'd do a test piece and see how well it adheres. I've had some small dealing with container (not vinyl) they can be in pretty bad shape. If it were me I'd ask to see the condition before I quoted. but that's me. You might want to ask these guys -
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    HP Designjet 1055cm Printer 1055cm Specifications
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    Sandblasting Glass, Gauging Interest

    hey Joe, No problem, I've done a little SB, I used the cabinet where I use to work. I didn't have a cutter back then, I used vinyl shelf liner and cut the designs by hand. Boy I really wish I had that cabinet. The forum is really good, great advise from the users there. Peabody
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    Sandblasting Glass, Gauging Interest

    This link might help answer some of your questions - Good Forum and Information this has good basic "Getting Started Information" P
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    Help with making cutable file

    I tried to open it in Corel and it says the file is corruoted. Sorry
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  10. Mr Peabody

    Plotting from Autocad 2010

    I don't know about the Creative plotter, but you can set the plotter(cutter) up as a printer and just use the plot command. It should work just like any other plotter. One setting you might want to check in your setup is making sure your set to HGPL. I have cut vinyl using Autocad on my Graphtec. No problems.
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    Navy Warfare pins

    You're welcome
  12. Mr Peabody

    Navy Warfare pins

    Maybe you can find something here...
  13. Mr Peabody

    Will I have a problem with bubbles on a two layer

    I did a two layer and had some small bubbles. They eventually went away and it looks perfect now. They worked their way out, it took a while. I thought they'd never disappear but they did.
  14. Mr Peabody

    Some work Ive done recently

    Really great detail work . How long did it take you to get the girl vectorized? I haven't had much success doing photos. They just don't come out the way I want. Guess I just need to keep at it.
  15. Mr Peabody

    Before I try and vectorize this...

    Excellent idea Thanks, I'm going to try and find some time today to work on it.
  16. Before I try and vectorize this I thought I'd check with you guys and see if anyone might have this. I took it with my cell phone so the quality is questionable. I saw it on a minivan and think that this is really great. Anyone? Thanks, Peabody
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    Saw this sign and thought ouch! The price of this replacement has got to hurt. I took this with my cell phone back in March.
  18. Mr Peabody

    Guess where I've been...

    This is appropriate for how things were going that day
  19. Mr Peabody

    Font Manager ?

    No problem Joe, glad to help out. I stumbled onto it and remembered that someone here was looking for some info. I take reviews of products with a grain of salt.
  20. Mr Peabody

    Font Manager ?

    I saw this posted on another forum - It's a review of many font manager - The first portion of the article deals mostly with Mac's-Look further down in the article for reviews on Windows related font managers.
  21. Mr Peabody

    Stop wasting apptape on Coro Signs!

    That's really ingenious.... Great idea!!
  22. Mr Peabody

    Font Choice
  23. Mr Peabody

    Cuttin designs in tint?? You might find this interesting....
  24. Mr Peabody

    New Fishing slogan

    "One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Tuna Fish"
  25. Mr Peabody

    Most ironic signs