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    K40 III Laser engraver

    Corel does drive ( directly ) a number of items. Vinyl Cutters - Lasers - and from my OWN experience, it will run New Hermes / Gravograph and Roland engravers , by using a standard HPGL / Graphtec CE1000 / 2000 driver. I even have it running my recently purchased MK2 cutters DIRECTLY with the MH MK2 driver. I have used Corel as my ONLY sign cutting / engraving software for 12 years ! It is much better than any others I have experienced. Convert your text / graphics to hairline outlines - no fills - convert to curves .... and GO ! It may very well run your engraver as well, since just about EVERY other software is a modified copy of Corel. Richard A-1 Quik Signs Woodruff, SC
  2. rich18

    Not cutting colors right

    Corel should seperate and cut that ( or anything else ) with ZERO complication. I have used it exclusively since 1993, and buying another program is NOT needed. I cut DIRECTLY out of Corel , in my sign business, using the MH MK2 driver ... no other anything and have no complications at all. I am not quite certain what mistake you are coming up with but I suggest you go to VIEW , then WIREFRAME . If you do that with EACH color ... you are pretty much guaranteed to find you have a 2nd cut that you were not expecting , or aware of, in one of them. It is likely there WITHOUT a fill or a black outline, so you are not seeing it without the different VIEW setting. Hope that solves your problem. Richard
  3. rich18

    Cut DIRECTLY from COREL on MH MK2

    I may have stated the 941 mm number , incorrectly. I am not in front of my work computers right now, but that does not sound correct . Richard / A-1 Quik Signs .. and Sign Training Videos for Beginners Woodruff, SC
  4. rich18

    Cut DIRECTLY from COREL on MH MK2

    After 2 days of constant usage of MH MK2 driver to cut DIRECTLY out of Corel 13, I discovered the following ... You do not really need to reset the size ( in the driver properties ) to 941 by 2000. It seems to default to 941 by 800 , or so, which works out just fine as long as you select the TILING option on the LAYOUT screen. Vertical orientation works fine .. Horizontal seems weird. The 100% setting in LAYOUT has not jumped around like I previously stated.. at least not SO FAR ! I did notice that as I attempted SMALL letters ( 1 inch or so ) , the centers of the A's - B's - O's were harder to pull out, and the other letters had a SNAP to them during weeding. Normally, this is a result of too much blade, but I could not get it to clear up. It is not a real bad problem, but is a bit annoying. I suspect to be a part of the driver's makeup. I did also have some difficulty installing the MH MK2 / USCUTTER driver on my second machine .... same version of XP - same Dell model same everything, as far as I can see. You do have to connect the USB to the cutter and power ON, before the driver will activate at all. It took me 8-10 times to get it to install. No error messages .. just no install. I have no idea what caused the final installation to be successful...I believe I extracted the driver the same way each time ... but in my frustration, perhaps I did SOMETHING different, that was the correct mistake to make. I am happy with this arrangement, and hope this thread helps others to do the same. Richard / A-1 Quik Signs .. and Sign Training Videos for Beginners Woodruff, SC
  5. I just received (2) MH-721 MK2 cutters. I did NOT like the SCAL and worked hard to find another answer . ( I have had (3) 721 MK1 cutters that are getting rather crotchety , and 1000 Corel files in my business environment. ) SO ... after trying all the drivers I could find .. I discovered that the MH MK2 driver on the USCUTTERS download section works PERFECTLY on my XP's ... Here is the setup tips .... * convert text / shapes to curves * eliminate all FILLS * convert outlines ( black ) to HAIRLINES * go to FILE / PRINT and select the USCUTTERS printer driver ( THIS is where it gets a bit tricky ) * in PROPERTIES select 941mm x 2000 mm / portrait orientation ( which is 32 " x 79 " ) * NOW ... go to LAYOUT ....upper line in the PRINT box .... * select ... PRINT TILED PAGES .... option , and REPOSITION IMAGES TO ... ( Top Left Corner ) * check the SCALE FACTOR and verify that it is 100% .... mine seems to jump around sometimes. * go to PRINT PREVIEW ... nudge the image into top left corner if needed ...... and ... C U T ! So far I have had perfect cuts .... Hope this helps you as well ! Richard / A-1 Quik Signs .. and Sign Training Videos for Beginners Woodruff, SC