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  1. Hey Everyone, Since the weather got cold, I haven't had too much call for vinyl. But I got a job thankfully and I am having cutter issues. Just simple text, "GARAGE" - Text was set in illustrator, saved as an eps, imported into sign blazer. I set 4 up, went to cut - first 2 letters - great then on the R's the third one the cutter dragged the blade clear across the sheet dropped cutting that letter all together, started on another letter etc. So instead of 4 sets of letters now only have 2 usable ones. I am using a windows machine, with serial usb adapter,cut speed 800, pressure 30, upspeed 380, baud 4800. Cutter is the mh871. I'd like to be doing more on this but I am not confident of selling anything with these problems. Thanks, Jim
  2. Hi everyone, i have a few questions that i did not see answered in the first few posts - i am running osx 10.5.8 with sign cut pro, usb interface. i downloaded all the software, plugins, license stuff etc. what driver am i supposed to choose under my setup for a new printer? What series? when i put in my registration/serial for signcut, what are my internet proxy items to fill in and where do i find them? Thanks, Jim