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  1. I have not really had time to look into it. I installed the plug-in on illy and tried to contour cut, but it said error on my cutter. I have not tried cutting from the plug-in since. I will post up if I figure it out.
  2. Dakar

    Average price of a used 4 screen printer

    well, A cheap 4 screen printer(non pro) is around $400 plus shipping. I'm assuming it would come with a few accessories and maybe a few tips if it's your co-worker.
  3. Dakar

    Vynil shirt I just made

    Awesome work!
  4. Dakar

    Average price of a used 4 screen printer

    I think thats a decent deal. You should be able to talk her into throwing in all the extras like Ink, squeegees, screens, films. what about the exposure unit? Once someone is unloading the equipment, they should just throw in the rest.
  5. Hmm... I'll check it out. I just always used Flexistarter. I'll post up if I figure it out using cm2.
  6. Dakar

    Gold foil vinyl

    I'm looking for a gold foil vinyl. It needs to be mirror like without patterns in it. Can anyone recommend something? Thanks, Dakar
  7. Hi all, My goal is to be able to contour cut, and kiss cut. I am looking to see what software is needed in order to contour cut on the graphtec CE5000. I am a hobbiest, so it needs to be a budget friendly solution. I am currently using flexiStarter 8 on Mac(maybe I can do it with this and just don't know?). I design everything in illustrator and just use flexi to cut. Thanks, Dakar