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  1. Alillowr

    Font Organizer

    I know this is a post from the grave but the link is no longer working. Anyone have a new link to get the program? or another font organizer that you would recomend?
  2. Alillowr

    Mini Street Sign Blanks

    Does anyone make any small aluminum blanks that would work as mini street signs? I was thinking of key chain size.
  3. Alillowr

    Help with logo

    Im not exactly sure if I did anything different but I got it by using pathfinder, then Unite. And now looks correct. Thanks for your help
  4. Alillowr

    Help with logo

    That is the result that I want, but when I select both of the items, pathfinder-merge, that is not what I get. any ideas what I am doing differently or wrong?
  5. Alillowr

    Help with logo

    Thanks that is almost there, That got rid of the line within the circle but they still appear as 2 pieces with 1 line in between the rectangle and circle. How do I correctly merge this section?
  6. Alillowr

    Help with logo

    I know that this is a simple enough logo that I can just recreate in flexi, but I won't learn how to do it right if I always go that route. In this logo If I go to view outline, I can see that the rectangle and circle on the bottom are not as one. If I were to cut it, then I would get cut marks in the circle. I know the term in Flexi is weld but how do I do that in illustrator? Also I tried to open the file in Flexi but it would not me weld as is. The AI file was to big to upload so I saved it as a PDF here logo.pdf logo.pdf
  7. Alillowr

    first large cut, lots of weeding, what do you think?

    Would you mind sharing the vector for the skyline? I currently live in the seattle area and would love something like this in my house. Or is there a good tutorial on how to do this myself?
  8. Alillowr

    Trouble with a vector to cut

    Thank you very much for that. What program did you use for this and how was it done?
  9. Alillowr

    Trouble with a vector to cut

    Flexisign not flexible (auto correct on the phone)
  10. Alillowr

    Trouble with a vector to cut

    I amy uding flexible. I tried welding but it isnt working right. Thanks for the idea though
  11. Alillowr

    Trouble with a vector to cut

    Ive got a vector that I would like to cut but I don' know how to make the crown with the lettering merge together with the top of the figure without having a cut mark where the figure is. Attached is the eps which was edited in illustrator, and I am using Flexi to cut. test.eps test.eps
  12. Bingo that is it. Thanks a lot for the find.
  13. I own a mailbox shipping retail store and also have a pcut 630. I am trying to do a little bit of advertising in the store for simple vinyl work and remembered a sign that was on here that I liked but can not find anymore. It was pretty simple (im sure I can reproduce it, but I liked the format that the orignial was). It had different sizes cut out with what their size was. For Ex: "1 inch" is an inch tall "2 inch" was 2 inches tall, etc. I am also looking for other in store marketing Ideas to sell the vinyl lettering. I am trying to stay away from other vinyl work other than lettering because I am not that good at converting to vectors and don't have too much time to learn or design things that aren't ready to cut files. Sorry if it all sounds confusing but I hope it makes sense. Thanks
  14. I am having a hard time creating a one color vector for this image, but it also looks like it would be pretty easy to recreate at the same time. The only problem is, I don't know what font this is. Could someone please help create a vector or if anyone knows what font the "EL REY" part is help out. Thanks el_ray_chille_small.pdf el_ray_chille_small.pdf
  15. Alillowr

    Help with making cutable file

    Thank you very very much.. that is just perfect.. would you mind telling me how you were able to fix it so that it was cutable.. I am pretty ruff with illustrator but would like to know for the next time I run into some trouble.