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    Cutting,Cutting,Cutting, lol just hopefully not myself. Really getting into this large sign business. Play a bit of World of Warcraft, airbrush, and trying new things

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  1. 2018 stuff

    Stuff for the 2018 year
  2. Sticker Bomb pattern

    Yeah was going to print some out. I could just go and do individual stickers lol and have them put them on.
  3. Sticker Bomb pattern

    I hate to buy that kind of stuff from there just for that reason.
  4. Sticker Bomb pattern

    Yeah that is what i was running into.
  5. Sticker Bomb pattern

    I have an order for sticker bomb vinyl and cannot seem to find a pattern to buy. I could make it but that takes time. I did look on the net but not sure what to look for, unlike camo type license.
  6. Help with this font

    i just made time and remade the whole thing came out pretty good will post a pic later.
  7. Help with this font

    Never thought to just make the G lol. Thank you, Having 3 jobs is taking all my time away from thinking.
  8. Help with this font

    That is what i was afraid of. The store is still around but the font has changer over the years.
  9. 2015/17

  10. Help with this font

    Looking for the "Gambles" font. Have found a couple close but the G is wrong or the font is handwritten. I tried what the font and it would not recognize it. Thank you in advance for any help.
  11. Fonts free for commercial use...

    Thanks for the links.
  12. Pricing question

    Thank you everyone I did not think it was too bad of a price. He is just trying to get something for nothing.
  13. Pricing question

    Yeah i know I am the cheapest in the area, have been for a few years now. I just think this one got under my skin. Then i really got a insult when he said he was thinking of 150 for it all. Not like he does not know what my stuff runs he has had several store fronts done but us.
  14. Pricing question

    lol i think when i shrank it it messed up. but i will make sure it is right in the final if they decide to get it.
  15. Pricing question

    Got a order to do a store front and i was nice since i did work before for them and gave them a quote for 280$ plus install time. This will take about 28feet of 651 layered in 3 layers for some. The wording is about 4 inches by 65 inches. The white lettering is 24 inches by 36 inches, the logo is about the same size. Open sign is 26 inches by 17 inches and the WE DELIVER is about the same size, Don't worry about the contour it messed up on file transfer. They want me to make it all for $150 and install as well as prep the old windows. They also want me to build a hanger and hang a 5'x6' sign, change the number on said sign. I have heard of doing it cheap but i think even that is way too low. Let me know what you would price it at even just a ballpark shot.