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  1. dgdleon

    Do you know what font thi is?

    is not in my fonts sorry
  2. dgdleon

    Hello from South Carolina

    NICE! welcome to the forum
  3. idk i found this website basically it says $62 EACH LOGO http://www.thesignexpert.com/TheSignExpert.com/Sign_Business_Free_RTA_Vinyl_Price_Calculator.html
  4. thank you ! tomorrow im going to ask for that
  5. the owner told me she was an authorized dealer for those brands and somehow they are going to help her with the invoice. i traced the logos, i ask her for the artwork but she doesn't know much about files o computers so i did the artwork. thank you for all the advices! i really appreciated it.
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    I love my facebook barcode

    There are generator for eps and pdf files.
  7. Im a graphic designer i work alot with prints, but i just started to cutting and i dont have any idea in how to charge. A customer asked me to do his store front with logos that his store cares. is my first time, installing in windows and doing such a big decals (how do i price the install when I know that it will take me a lot longer because it's my first?) the total is 16 logos on the average of 37"x24" two color layered Oracal 651 i have traced 7 logos in Illustrator complicated logos that took 8hrs and i have prepared 8 logos to cut that i had on stock. as always i have made several visits to my customer to show him print proofs of the work made in photoshop. attached is a photo of the 4 windows all comments/advice/criticism welcome hope somebody could help me out. Juan Deleon
  8. Worried about pricing

  9. dgdleon

    Pricing help!

    (2) 640" X 24" im going to cut 16 logos (two layer black and white) plus installation. i was using the app for pricing (.xls) it says total cost is 280.89 (my cost) Help!
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    Here's a sign for your shop.

    awesome! thanks
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    Hello from Ky

    Thanks Dan
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    Hello from Ky

    Thank you Jay
  13. i just download the xls file is awesome now i know how much cost me but how it works? My cost + Labor + Installation for example my cost on oracal 651 is .50 Sq Ft how much have to be my profit 4 times? idk pls help im trying to quote this truck i made the design already customer is about to bring the truck to my office. but is my first time in this i dont even know how much time is going to take me installation. advices pls.