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  1. The old timers here, are here to help. We do not know every program out there. we use what we use. Combined, we do know every program for design and cutting. In my opinion, grab a beer and click on help is a fantastic idea. There is more in that click than you can get waiting for help from the forum. In my humble opinion.
  2. bikemike

    Mark Rugen training dvd

    Pro studio IS flexi.If you are finding it hard in the next week or 2, ya, probably a great deal.
  3. bikemike

    Setting Blade Holder Into Cutter

    Try and picture pulling tin foil, wax paper or anything else out of the box the roll comes in. Just like that. Sorry don't have a picture of that.
  4. bikemike

    Best transfer tape using 651 on small decals

    Can't argue with that. I have also seen people install and think the clear is part of the decal and leave it there. I had one guy do it with a 12 x 12 inch decal. He had no idea.
  5. bikemike

    Best transfer tape using 651 on small decals

    May also help to check the profiles of the people who have been giving you information. There is over 30 years of combined experience helping you.
  6. bikemike

    Best transfer tape using 651 on small decals

    May help you understand. Installation-Vinyl.pdf
  7. bikemike

    Best transfer tape using 651 on small decals

    No one is bashing. You asked a question and it was answered. Even with clear, you can not see through the backing paper. So, that argument is wrong.
  8. bikemike

    Best transfer tape using 651 on small decals

    Even if you use clear, the backing is not. So, you would still not be able to see through it. The paper app tape is somewhat see through.
  9. bikemike

    Screen Printing ?

    That of course would be the rotary vinyl cutter with a true USB allowing the cutter to interpret the original intended sound with a 1 second delay allowing the cutter to re-cut the groove back to original. The blade of course would have to be set by the copyright “skeeter method” I joke, but the skeeter method is real, so is the true USB and so is most of the information you are going to get on this forum. As far as the rotary vinyl cutter goes, my idea, my copyright. I think I need another beer.
  10. bikemike

    Screen Printing ?

    We try to help as best we can. Unless you ask how to get the scratches out of your vinyl records. I don't think (I could be wrong) any of us have rotary vinyl cutters.
  11. bikemike

    Screen Printing ?

    Considering it is snowing here, that pic looks great. BUT! I don't believe you and I think that pic could have a copyright on it.
  12. bikemike

    Screen Printing ?

    I want to see this garden you speak of. Is this the weed killer convention?
  13. If it printed, good for you. First lets get the cut part sorted. Do you have the pen holder? Try it. If that works, try it with one layer of vinyl. If that works, try 2 layers again.
  14. Try the pen. In my opinion you are asking a cutter designed to barley do its job to double it. If one of the motors is weak, and probably is, it will repeat what it is doing.
  15. cm2 is a plug in for AI. Not sure how you use them in AI. In corel I just send the file to cm with the plug in. No loading the file. Did they tell you what error 1 is?
  16. bikemike

    Vinyl distributors

    They are fun from what I have seen.
  17. bikemike

    Vinyl distributors

    Shot in the dark her, but, uscutter?
  18. bikemike

    Contour Cutting Issues

    Looks to me like your marks are way to close to the edge of the paper. Never had an SC, so just a guess.
  19. bikemike

    Graphtec CE5000-60 - Stopping in the Middle of a Job

    What does the display say when it stops? Only time I have seen that is when the vinyl out the back gets hung up on the roll or basket and the sensor thinks there is no vinyl. Can usually fix that and hit enter for it to restart where it stopped.
  20. I agree. Never seen a plug and play business where everything is done for you.
  21. bikemike

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    Agreed. There is a depth to it and grain changes with depth. Looks right to me.
  22. bikemike

    Help with vectorizing or tracing?

    It looks like one blob, ungroup.
  23. bikemike

    Number outlines

    Even faster. If you cant click on the white part, there is nothing there.
  24. bikemike

    3G opaque

    Has anyone ever tried this, or is there something out there I have not found. What I want to do is print a couple of words on 3G opaque (will be pattern print, not solid color) then contour cut. All the letters are separate so I would have to place them separately. That would not be the best. Anyone have an idea on doing this? I was thinking print, contour cut, weed and use a piece of sticky backing from regular HTV to get the letters of the backing and on the shirt. Any thoughts on this, or anyone tried, or can I actually buy something to do that?