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  1. Sony PS4 Slim template

    Here ya go.
  2. Sony PS4 Slim template

    Here is a better one. The BOLD print stands out a bit better.
  3. Sony PS4 Slim template

    Really? Let me get right on that.
  4. What cutter? How big of a stencil? I don't think it would be software related. More of a tracking issue.
  5. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Your not shrinking the width, you are shrinking the height. Tall and skinny should not have much of an effect anyway. None of this math is set in stone. You still have to play a bit.
  6. If you are making things for tapered glasses, mugs or whatever, here is a web site that will give you the correct shape you need to make it look right. A few measurements put into the easy to understand questions and it will give you a PDF that you can copy and paste into your design software. I have tried it and it works perfect.
  7. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Ya, that's where the "best guess' thing comes in. I think we got everyone in the ball park. So, exact math divided by best guess will get you there. Print your work out, cut it out of the paper and have a look. We got you close, y'all should be good to go.
  8. Tapered glasses and stuff

    And you somehow expect less? We do the best to come up with the simple solution. Lol, big time!
  9. Tapered glasses and stuff

    No, the height goes down. I think we are all going crazy. Lol.
  10. Tapered glasses and stuff

    I have changed the calculations in my post. Thanks to darcshadow for the input and his calculations. Hopefully, one way or the other you will be able to work it out.
  11. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Actually, it is a 14.5% shrink in the height. That would get our numbers a LOT closer than the subtraction. As in the same numbers.
  12. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Good point. So I just need to change the last part so it is a percentage instead of a distance. Makes sense. Then we can rewrite it so it is simple for anyone to calculate.
  13. Tapered glasses and stuff

    The first part was to help people that are not so good at math get the angle and the ".3" I did say I was going to keep it simple. The height should not matter the way I did it as long as you subtract the final number from the height leaving the width the same. I don't know if there is even a way to prove what is right. Illusions are pretty hard to calculate. When I get the time, I am going to try both ways and see how they look.
  14. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Ok, here goes. This is written in the sequence you would put into the windows calculator. Let’s say you are putting a graphic on a beer mug with no taper. The beer mug has a dia of 3 inches. You are planning on 30% coverage. So… 360 X 30% gives you 108 degrees coverage. (Do not hit enter after the %) Then you want 108 divided by 360 giving you .3 (remember that) Now you want to multiply pi X 3 giving you 9.42 (pi X dia of mug) (pi=3.14 aprox) Then .3 X 9.42 will give you 2.83. That will be the width of your design. Scale you design (height and width locked) to that width and save that number. That unfortunately will give you a design that looks taller (or narrower) than you want. To fix that, we can figure out what the design should be changed to. You need to divide your angle by 2 giving you 54. In the windows scientific calculator punch this in. 54sin X 3 That will give you 2.42. That is what the design will actually look like for width. So, take your first number and subtract the second number. 2.83 – 2.42=.41 Then calculate the percentage. .41/2.83 X 100 = 14.5% Subtract 14.5% from the height of your design without changing the width. Close to what darcshadow said with way more detail that may not be needed. You can change your numbers (dia and% of coverage) to reflect what you are actually designing.
  15. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Got the math done, now I have to figure out how I am going to show it and not make it crazy stupid to figure out. Should work with strait or tapered glasses.
  16. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Got ya. Working on the math now. Maybe a 1/3 of the way there. (if you want it exact)
  17. Tapered glasses and stuff

    I wonder if the template from the link in the first post takes that into consideration? Have to experiment a bit more.
  18. cleancut blades

    Yup, got the pressure thing in my head. Probably be a week or 2 before I get them. Bit of playing around is already in the books.
  19. cleancut blades

    Just ordered some of these. Hoping for the best. For us Canadian customers, he is working on a Canadian distributor. Great stuff. Hope it saves on that cross border shipping.
  20. Tapered glasses and stuff

    No wine glass option. I am trying to stay away from them. Probably have to work on it at some point, but not looking forward to it.
  21. ce5000-60

    Just say go. It will tell you if it is to big for the vinyl size. It will do more than you can imagine. Best be posting about your first encounter with the wow world. If it messes up, you messed up!
  22. ce5000-60

    Nope, you can forget half of what you knew. Way to easy!
  23. ce5000-60

    Sounds right. Have had my 5000 for 6 or 7 years and it was not just released then. Still working as good as new.
  24. Tapered glasses and stuff

    I get what you are saying. Now, if the taper changes, you need to re calculate that 2% right? Don't know AI or how that handles the tapered stuff. I just know corel and find this template this very handy and easy to work with. I am sure we are just messing up the ones that have never worked with tapered stuff. The math part is not as bad as looking at the design and knowing in your mind this is just not going to work. It does, but it looks so weird that you think there is no way.