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  1. Same here with corel draw X6.
  2. If skeeter said it works, trust me. (and her) IT WORKS!
  3. Missed that part about the controller not working. But ya. Like skeeter said. It has to be ready to go. Messed me up at first, but works very well.
  4. You should have "cutting plotter controller" installed. Work the cutter with the PC instead of the pad.
  5. Cobra has some good videos on clogged heads. But ya, the WF will clog if not used a lot.
  6. I really like the pigment ink. Seems so much more durable.
  7. You can as a last resort, put invisible scotch tape over the marks to take the shine out. Has been known to work.
  8. From what I have seen, laser prints are a bit on the shiny side. The optic in a graphtec don't like that very much. You can play with the thickness of the marks and see if that helps. Thinner, probably better.
  9. I have an older epson wf7520 that has been great. Got a cobra cis on it and aside from head cleaning if I don't use it for months, prints great every time. And with pigment ink, the prints last!
  10. bikemike

    Okay I can't find it.

    Not a VM user, but it should be called contour cut.
  11. bikemike

    Registration marks

    Same way here.
  12. bikemike

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    Step one. Or not, but it is the best start you can have.
  13. bikemike

    vinylmaster cut v4.0

    From the look of that, I hope you clean it up a lot before you try to cut it. And before you make copies for the color change.
  14. Over center setting. Should be on the handle near the top platen.