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  1. bikemike

    Hi Everyone!

    Well ya, y'all don't got that job?
  2. bikemike

    Hi Everyone!

    Table to work on? BIG table.
  3. bikemike

    Hi Everyone!

    The starter kits are the cheaper vinyl to practice with. If you have never run a cutter, or used the software, lining up clients is probably not a good idea. It's not rocket surgery, but there is a learning cure to it. And I do not mean a week.
  4. bikemike

    Axle, driveshaft, grabber

    Got an axel, but not a drive shaft. Both should be easy to create.
  5. bikemike

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Ya, that sticky part is needed. Must be a reason for it not being there. Same with my kid, coolest stuff around.
  6. bikemike

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Ok, back to topic. Before you remind me, I know. Not for sale. When I get a new product to try, I always make something for me first to test the stuff out.. The stuff is like cutting and weeding vinyl flooring. Maybe not that bad, but wow. Also, the carrier is not sticky. If you pull any part of the design off. It will not stick and you have to put that piece on with a second pressing. Very cool effect. The black on black looks amazing. Pic's are one koozie with design on both sides. Now to test it and make sure the stuff sticks.
  7. bikemike

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Yup, the "Skeeter method" When Dakota writes his book detailing the life and times of the us cutter forum, it better have it's own chapter.
  8. bikemike

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Thanks. I will find out in a couple of days.
  9. bikemike

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Ok, thanks. I have the 60* cleancut blades in both my holders. Oh, same skeeter blade set up method? I saw that part about heating the back, but that seems to have been for the 1000 and taken out for the 600. Will give it a try and see how things go.
  10. bikemike

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    Hey Goose. When you say simple shapes for the brick 600, just how simple do they have to be? Do you have any pic's of what you have done with it? Also, do you use the standard "skeeter" blade setting procedure?
  11. bikemike

    Noob Questions

    Right, I missed the part about the sc2. Graphtec red caps are a thicker stronger blade and available in 60*
  12. If you can do that, get your files out in a format you can use with anything else.
  13. bikemike

    Noob Questions

    On the thicker stuff you should be using 60* blades (the ones with the RED cap, not blue) on the thicker reflective white. Probably last longer (and cost more)
  14. Inkscape will open a PNG file won't it? That would save a step.
  15. LOL, that's what I said, but didn't want wear out my old keyboard. Again, LOL