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  1. Go back to the design screen and make the 2 blacks (design and reg marks) the same color. Make the 2 browns (design and reg marks) the same color. They are not the same and why you have 4 and not 2. That will fix the problem.
  2. Oh, in the design window. Before you click cut.
  3. Click on the marks, right click and copy. Move your mouse pointer away, right click again and select paste over.
  4. Do the blacks first. It will make it easier.
  5. Ok, now copy your black marks and make the copy's light brown. Make sure they are in exactly the same spot. Then change the blacks to the same color and you should be good.
  6. You should have marks in exactly the same spot for each color in the design. (the same color you as the color you are cutting) Plus, if that is 2 color, you have 2 blacks. The graphic and marks need to be the same.
  7. Go to the 3rd tab under properties and pick the color you want to cut. You should have marks in exactly the same spot for each color in the design. (the same color you as the color you are cutting)
  8. bikemike

    Card stock to make gift boxes

    Maybe. First off you will need a carrier for the card stock or you will not be able to without destroying your cutting strip and trashing your cutter when the pieces start to lift. Second, depending on the thickness, and if you have the pressure to actually cut the stock, you will go through blades like crazy. I have seen templates on line, but can not remember what the site was. Goggle should help with that.
  9. bikemike


    It's a boat. Fishing boat. I see you posted in the font section. It would be nice if your first post actually said something. A post like that tells me you are demanding something.
  10. You can't cut direct from Corel. You need the cutting master plugin.
  11. bikemike

    MH machine Bluetooth?

    Not likely. If you could, it would be cheaper to buy a lot better cutter. And I don't know of any top of the line cutters that are Bluetooth. You could get a rattle can of blue paint and run the cable under the carpet.
  12. bikemike

    Cut Order

    Cad programs do not make curves. They are made up of a lot of small segments to form the curve. Just redo it in the graphic program.
  13. bikemike

    Got any tips for me?

    Don't know if this will help you or if you have time to make one.