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  1. I'm thinking frame up restoration. Tear it all apart, clean and reassemble with new needed parts. Time consuming and could be costly in the long run.
  2. bikemike

    I didn't do it

    Best way I know of covering up what you did.
  3. bikemike

    titan 2 cutting issues

    Possible, if the blade is not out far enough and the pressure in compensating for that, it could send the tracking off if there are more cuts on one side than the other. Just a thought.
  4. bikemike

    Pattern in font-VM Pro

    Don't know about VM, but look for mask. Put the pattern over the font and "mask" Or font over pattern. Forget if it is over or under.
  5. Some times it is the simple stuff that gets us. Hard or simple, skeeter always has us covered.
  6. How are you connected to the cutter?
  7. Do you have the dongle plugged in? If I remember right, 8.6 shouldn't work with win 10.
  8. What if you use the repeat job instead of copy?
  9. Usually in the cutting software. What are you using?
  10. bikemike

    Font help needed

    Bender inline. Perfect!!!
  11. bikemike

    Font help needed

    Never thought of doing that. Thanks.
  12. bikemike

    Font help needed

    Anyone have an idea on this font? I have tried all the font recognition stuff and can't find one with the slant on the B E and A.
  13. The old timers here, are here to help. We do not know every program out there. we use what we use. Combined, we do know every program for design and cutting. In my opinion, grab a beer and click on help is a fantastic idea. There is more in that click than you can get waiting for help from the forum. In my humble opinion.
  14. bikemike

    Mark Rugen training dvd

    Pro studio IS flexi.If you are finding it hard in the next week or 2, ya, probably a great deal.