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  1. I will try to keep this short. Went away on vacation for 4 weeks. Basically shut the house down. The humidity in the house went stupid high. Had a drive by job yesterday ($3) and found the left, right and condition buttons no longer worked on the keypad. Using the PC controller did. Took the right side cover off (the one with the key pad) pulled the white ribbon off the small circuit board to get the side off. Then pulled the ribbon cable that goes to the key pad, cleaned it and put it all back together. All is well and everything working just like new. No, sorry. Didn't take pic's.
  2. bikemike

    Bikemike's picture thread

    Strangest job I have ever been asked to do. 310 1.5 inch circles! Got dizzy watching the cutter, but could not look away. Almost fell over weeding for the same reason.
  3. bikemike

    Bikemike's picture thread

    Everyone needs a work shirt. Made this for the husband of the main owner of the campground in SD. He is legally blind, but has to help out as much as he can. So I made him head of security. If I had to guess, early 70's. And he still drives from the house to the campground. < 1/4 mile.
  4. bikemike

    Incomplete cuts

    Happy birthday you old kid! Oops, we hijacked another thread.
  5. bikemike

    Incomplete cuts

    No problem there "young pup" Or would you prefer "junior"?
  6. bikemike

    Incomplete cuts

    I am totally fine with that. Don't want to know, don't want to ask. Sticking with younger! LOL
  7. bikemike

    Incomplete cuts

    As a Graphtec owner I was going to take offense to that old timer thing. Then I realized I are one!!!!!
  8. bikemike

    New Cutter Time

    It's all good.
  9. bikemike

    New Cutter Time

    Ya just have to love the one on the right after my request. Knew there had to be one. Ha ha.
  10. bikemike

    New Cutter Time

    Well, show us the stupid thing you cut just to play. We all did it with the first graphtec.
  11. bikemike

    Single tag states

    I wish it could have looked better, but this was what was decided on to not get to close to a "real" one. Special thanks to Skeeter for her help with the law.
  12. bikemike

    New Cutter Time

    Mine is working on 10, so that ain't it.
  13. bikemike

    New Cutter Time

    If I remember correctly, you need the cutter unplugged from the computer until after the driver is installed????
  14. bikemike

    New Cutter Time

    You are using USB?
  15. bikemike

    Forgot one

    Mark, you are having way to much fun with that thing. And making me want one!