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  1. bikemike

    Got any tips for me?

    Don't know if this will help you or if you have time to make one.
  2. bikemike

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    That is correct.
  3. bikemike

    graphtec pro studio

    I do have the vectorstock one, but I wanted to use a "not so good" image to show that a raster image could be used for print and cut. But good catch on the quality on the image.
  4. bikemike

    graphtec pro studio

    First pic is with JPG imported. Second pic. Select make background trasperent (with shift key pressed if there is more than 1 area) Make sure to click the green check mark in design central. Third pic. Effects and contour cut. Adjust the contour offset or inset to your liking. Make sure to click the green check mark in design central. Fourth pic.Effects and contour cut mark and adjust to your liking. Make sure to click the green check mark in design central.
  5. bikemike

    graphtec pro studio

    Post the file. It will contour that the way it is. (it should) Just to update, just tried it on several jpg files and they all contour no problem without vectorizing them.
  6. bikemike

    graphtec pro studio

    Now I get ya. Go to bitmap edit toolbar and on the right, pick make background transparent. Pick all the background you want gone, (holding down the shift key) then put on your contour.
  7. If you are talking about layering vinyl, just make whatever you want for a mark, change the color to something different to everything else and cut the layer color and the mark color on every color.
  8. Scrap vinyl stretches on one side and that test and may not be accurate. Let us know if that helps.
  9. Try this. Ignore the threads. They mean nothing. Take a dollar bill and put it under one of the rollers. Pull it out slowly and adjust the pressure on that roller until it can JUST turn the roller underneath. Repeat that with the other rollers making sure you pull with the same force for all of them. That will get you very close. And do that with the power off on the cutter!
  10. Ok, but did you change them from when you got the cutter?
  11. But, you did not say if you played with the roller tension. The would be a big thing on what you are getting. There should be marks on the vinyl.
  12. That pic of your blade holder looks like a lot of blade sticking out. I can not see any of my blade. But then I am old and need glasses to see that I still cant see the blade out that far. Also, it one of the pic's, there is no marks on the vinyl from the rollers. Did you play with the tension on them?
  13. bikemike

    Version 4 to Version 5

    What skeeter said IS the answer. We do not work for UScutter and can not make decisions for them.
  14. bikemike

    how to switch contour rotation

    All the way back, not in the cutting part of it but in the design part. I don't use that program, but it should be the same across the board.
  15. bikemike

    how to switch contour rotation

    Delete your marks, rotate your image and start again with the registration marks.