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  1. Couple of shirt things for the times.
  2. bikemike


    The bottom one should fix ya up.
  3. The only way you can cut the liner is if there is to much blade. You HAVE to set it using skeeters instructions.
  4. Never done a dot before. Did 310 at 1.5 inch each. Took less than 1 min. to design it. 620 would have been another 3.5 seconds.
  5. In a way I agree. But, more than 4 marks would mean you would be looking at changing vinyl drift. I don't know that more marks would be able to change that if you know what I mean.
  6. bikemike

    Mh721 and Macbook Pro

    Old PC with a serial port or only usb? If serial just use a null serial cable to the cutter. If only usb, use a "keyspan" usb to serial with the null cable.
  7. I don't use vinyl master, but you are asking how to get more accurate than 6 to 8 thousands of an inch on long cuts? How long are you talking? Maybe try to bleed the graphic so you can't see the cut line.
  8. Did you delete the raster image after converting it?
  9. And as I said, don't work. It is an illusion. Probably just hiding it for no practical reason unless you are tracing it manually.
  10. Vector programs do not edit raster files. Unless there is a really good one I don't know about. You would need a raster program as far as photoshop or down to a basic windows program. I know, don't help much.
  11. If there is no plugin for corel, just export an EPS file from corel and import into vinylmaster to cut.
  12. Very good advice. If things are deteriorating, there will be more going. There is a point when you have to give up and go new. There is no warranty with all the new parts that may not even be the problem.
  13. bikemike

    New to vinyl. Need a cutter.

    Fun now, just wait! We will be around to help with that pulling your hair out thing. You'll see...
  14. bikemike

    Minimum amount of movement

    Agree 100%.
  15. bikemike

    plotter problem

    Yup, when mine did that the controller worked and keypad didn't. Just took the side off, cleaned the ribbon cable connections and has been fine since. 2 years ago I think.