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  1. bikemike

    Change "origin" position

    Just a guess here, but try unchecking absolute position.
  2. Still have to remember, a DXF file has curves made out of tiny lines. Depending on the resolution, a small circle could be made out of 1000 lines or more. That is a LOT of ups and downs for the blade.
  3. Spam is normal, but that is just useless verbal diarrhea! (in the digital world)
  4. bikemike

    Some glass etchings

    That is your first post? You are trying to sell mugs to us? What do you think we do here? Maybe you have shirts and signs for sale?
  5. bikemike

    mac fonts

    I don't see why we can't just all get along. (looking at you apple)
  6. bikemike

    mac fonts

    Have any of you mac people (or ex mac people) found a way to convert the fonts on a mac to windows? I looked in the wife's mac font collection and all the names look messed up to me. (Windows guy.) And windows will not recognize what she has. Most show up like ._Lesli for example. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. bikemike

    Vinyl Not Sticking To Window

    Using windex with ammonia also does not help.
  8. This may help a bit.
  9. And have a huge bank account!
  10. bikemike

    Trick or Treat meaning

    Kids choice all the way!
  11. bikemike

    Software update

    Well, created a new file this morning and had the same problem with "select within". My "Design Central" disappears and will not come back. Then when clicking on something, the save as window pops up. Went back to 2.9 and everything is fine. Guess I will have to put up with the "update available" notice until the next version.
  12. bikemike

    Graphtec Studio Pro

    graphtec plotters only.
  13. bikemike

    Software update

    I got it figured out. 1 of the settings in "outline" was wrong. Now it isn't crashing when I try to create what the setting does without me. Brain must have been in corel mode. That is what happens when you use a program that is not really for what you are doing. The files where originally going to be cut, but it became easier to print them.
  14. bikemike

    Software update

    Looks like, and I am not sure, that I am doing something in the wrong order. Still going to mess with it a bit and see if I can figure it out. I hate user error!