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  1. Should I start a thread with this question
  2. Why does my MH 721 not show up as a printer on Vista if I could figure that one out I coul direct cut. Is there a different driver for Vista and Windows 7
  3. I looked and thanks but how do I get my computer to recognize my cutter as a printer Please
  4. On my Refine mh 721 what driver do I use to get it to direct cut from Corel 11. I read on here some people have done this but cant come up with the driver to do this. I have been cutting about 2 years and used a friends Roland that direct cut and I loved it. he has almost a new machine and I was afraid to try the software for his. I read on here some were using a driver from another machine. Help please
  5. What driver do I need to get a Refine MH 721 to direct cut from Corel 11. I read some threads about this but the links were broken when I tried to get the driver. Any help is appreciated. I am also running windows vista