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  1. onelowtoy

    santa claus with a surfboard

    We heading to Santacon at the beach. And I'm looking for a Santa with a surfboard or a beach Santa eps file to make a few koozies. Thanks
  2. onelowtoy

    popup camper

    I know this is an old post but I just noticed it while looking for something else. I've attached 2 simple popups here. Robby popup.EPS popup2.EPS
  3. onelowtoy

    Washington Nationals Baseball

    I'm looking for a vector file. Thanks
  4. Does anyone have the Washington Nationals Baseball team logo? Thanks Robby
  5. onelowtoy

    laughing buddha

    Can some help vectoring the this Buddah. I try but with logo being so small it do not look right. Thanks Robby
  6. onelowtoy


    Thanks guys I think the first will work I'm glass etching one a mirror.
  7. onelowtoy


    I'm looking for a Fat Buddha. lol
  8. onelowtoy


    Does anyone have any Buddha Clip art? Need for a friends home bar. Thanks guys
  9. onelowtoy

    Red solo cup

    Does anyone have Solo cup clip art? Thanks Robby
  10. onelowtoy

    Help make lines thicker

    Thanks guys for all the help.
  11. onelowtoy

    Help make lines thicker

    How would I make the line thicker on this? Every way I tried it does not work. Thanks for any help. Robby owl 2.SBD
  12. onelowtoy

    Need help with this logo

    Thanks so much Jay. What did you use? Robby
  13. onelowtoy

    Need help with this logo

    I have tried converting this logo in inkscape, and signblaze and neither of these turn out well. Is anyone able to see what they can do with it? I was told that the font is Rob2, but I have been unable to find it anywhere. Thanks, Robby
  14. onelowtoy

    Need Help finding this font

    I was told this font is called Rob 2. But I can"t find it any where. It looks custom to me. Thanks Robby
  15. onelowtoy

    Logo Help

    Thanks guys that was it.