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  1. Topper

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    Wow, nice thanks Skeeter! Didn't know about this!
  2. Topper

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    Yeah, That is no good, no wonder it is getting scratched. I'd contact who you bought it from and ask for some tech support. Maybe they will send you a new holder assembly. It should be nice and high like mine in the picture (same machine).
  3. Topper

    Fire Department Logo

    Yeah, that could work, was hoping someone had it has a stock vector image. I could just redraw it, but would probably take me more time than its worth.
  4. Topper

    Fire Department Logo

    Hey guys, I have been asked to recreate this fire department logo for their front office door. Does anyone happen to have this eagle? I can't seem to find it...
  5. Topper

    Dirt Bike Template KTM 250sx

    Yeah, this Plastic stuff is interesting. So do you think if I had the decals printed on 3m controltac ij180c it would work well with the low energy plastic?
  6. Topper

    Dirt Bike Template KTM 250sx

    Wow, had no idea. Thanks for the info I will have to research this low energy plastic.
  7. Anyone happen to have a template for a 2018 KTM 250 SX ? I have a customer who would like a custom made decal kit for his dirt bike. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Topper

    New business sign

    Sweet, Looks Good!!!
  9. Topper

    Back Lit Sign

    Ok, sooo... I'll make this like a 2 part post. I'm making a 74" x 74" double sided back lit sign. The truck just dropped off the sign material and I'm thinking uhhhhh.... what did I get my self in to lol. First up is trying to figure out how to get this into my house. and hope I can actually get it loaded into my truck when i am done to take it to the business.... Should be interesting. Wish me luck, still waiting on the translucent vinyl to arrive. Is it ok to leave this here rolled up till I'm ready for it or do I need to lay it flat?
  10. Topper

    Wall Logo

    Looks like I am a little late to reply, but yeah the heat really helped. I actually peeled off the transfer paper and this stuff was barely hanging on to the wall. Heated the vinyl and used the palm of my hand to push on the vinyl to get it to really form to the wall texture.
  11. Topper

    Wall Logo

    I should mention, those aren't bubbles you are seeing in the picture, that is the texture of the wall.
  12. Topper

    Wall Logo

    So, I think this is probably my biggest decal so far. It is about 5' x 8'. I used 651 since that is what I had on hand. It was pretty challenging, the decal would not stick to the wall at all due to the texture and guessing slickness of the paint. I didn't think to bring a heat gun and being about 45 mins from home I started to worry... lucky there was a group of contractors there and one had happen to have a heat gun that he let me borrow. It seemed to do the trick so hopefully it'll stay on there. Sorry for the bad picture the lighting wasn't very good.
  13. So I'm use to the L+W/2 deal... this sign a customer wants is 56" x 94" Single color simple logo and some text. I only have a 24" cutter so i'll have to piece it together not really a big deal I do not think. I have to install it and the drive there is about 30mins. So with the L+W/2 = $74 for the sign then I'd say maybe another $75 to drive over there and install it for a total of $150? Or is that way to cheap? I think maybe $200 might be more like it? I dunno... I normally sell $5 stickers online this large sign stuff is pretty new to me, lol.
  14. Hello everyone, So i have a customer who needs 3 pretty big back lit signs. 74" x 74" and 5'x15". The design isn't very complicated at all, some text and a simple logo. How would you go about doing this? I found a place that can print back lit material but they only print up to 52" so my sign will have a seam not sure how noticeable that would be. Or would it be better to use translucent vinyl and cut it out on my own plotter which is only a 24" cutter so I'd have to piece it all together. Also any idea what the best material to use for the actual sign? Maybe I am in a little over my head here, but thought I better see what I might be able to pull off before I turn it away.
  15. Topper


    I sell on etsy. I don't try very hard at all though... but I don't really think its worth it. People don't leave reviews very often and I average about 2 sales a month lol. To many people selling on there and for cheap. However I do get about 15 views a day and 2 people favoriting my items but rarely purchase.