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  1. fixed! it was every time the blade passed the unused middle pinch roller it was causing the blade to lift for about 20mm (static?) narrowed it down to the same spot, moved the unused roller to one side and a boom! no problem! i dont use the middle roller as it always screws the vinyl up and puts grooves into it, is there any way of removing it or setting it up so it doesnt do that? Thanks
  2. Right, my mh721 has recently started with yet another problem! A week or so ago i noticed that some cuts werent a consistent depth and in some areas the vinyl wasnt cut enough to weed properly. So i put it down to old blades and bought new ones, didnt solve the problem. I have upped the pressure but doesnt help, you can clearly see the blade being lifted very slightly in certain areas by the machine then dropping back down and cutting as it should. Checked cutting strip and it was slightly bumpy, cleaned that up so its nice and smooth and still no change. Carriage is on tracks, cleaned the tracks with cotton buds and it's still happening! Cutter is on a stand, grounded and i'm using signblazer via serial cable. I have a pile of orders here and customers getting really pissed off
  3. Just had the cover off and tightened the belt up slightly and it has definately improved
  4. Running windows 7 if that makes any difference, and was the same on xp. Only just upgraded Gav
  5. Gav S

    I am missing something will pay for help

    Do you still need this doing? I am a graphic designer and could re create this in vector format for you for £15 via paypal. Thanks Gav
  6. Haha, feel like throwing it out the window some days! Uploaded them again, should work now Just to add, i've never used the middle roller on the machine as it just chews up the vinyl, could this possibly be related?
  7. Hi Guys, I've been using my MH721 cutter with signblazer for around 4 months now and have been very pleased with it. But i've recently started selling iphone vinyl skins and sometimes have a little trouble with the machine. Instead of cutting perfectly round circles it will 9 times out of 10 cut them skewed or warped, i really cant get my head around this. The apple logo cuts absolutely perfect so does the rest of the design, its just circles! - I tried it with flexi sign and it was the same so it isnt a software problem. Could it be settings? - Blade offset is .25 or .30 using 45 deg. blades - Earthed/grounded stand - Tried cutting horizontally & vertically along vinyl, same result I've done a little diagram showing the problem as photos dont pick it up clearly enough. How it should look - How it cuts! Please help, as i have a pile of orders waiting to go out and i cannot send these like this