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  1. Not a drone nor a dumbass, a dumbass would be the person whom reads through the problem threads and still buys from this company. Hard drives burning out, part supply chain breakdowns, poor communication, etc. I am in fact the person I stated, your condescending replies to my VERY well founded concerns simply reinforce my initial feeling there are much better companies to buy my cutter from. Feel free to flame, I won't be returning to this site.
  2. Nevermind, I read through more threads, this company and its products don't seem to be for me.
  3. I am branching off my biz to do some graphics and need to get set up with a cutter, nothing top of the line but reliable and will produce good products. USC def. has good prices, but there are a TON of problems in the feedback section and half of the links on the site don't work. I noticed from other posts the motherboards have a tendency of going bad, so I tried to price a replacement; the links for the a and b type boards were bad along with what seems like 1 out of every 3 links. Is this a period of growing pains for the company or par for the course? Are the problems with the machines worked out(grounding straps seem to help whenever they are included with the machine)? What is your opinion? Are there better options?