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  1. darkdan

    bid question?????

    Thank you. Nice to see people are listening and I'm not just speaking (typing) to hear myself.
  2. darkdan

    bid question?????

    Everyone is new at one point, but through practice anyone can master the dry application technique and not get bubbles. It does take some practice, but it won't take years and people won't go broke doing it. Once they've mastered it, they'll save time and money. I have faith that if someone tries it, they'll be able to get the hang of it rather quickly if they give it an honest try. I don't try to put fear into them, I try to encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and improve themselves.
  3. darkdan

    latest logo design

    I like the metal tree.
  4. darkdan

    How to create borders?

    1.) Duplicate your text (copy/paste) 2.) Arrange > Convert to Outlines 3.) Click the fill/stroke editor. Click stroke. Increase stroke size to whatever looks good. 4.) Arrange > Convert Stroke To Outlines 5.) Weld Then just order it to the back and you'll see your original text over it.
  5. This video demonstrates a dry application using the center hinge method. Good for both rectangular and square decals in the medium to large sizes. Normally the tape doesn't start ripping the pre-mask, but I used some cheap stuff I had laying around that I hate instead of my normal R-Tape 4075. A moderator or admin might want to merge this thread with my other video thread. Thanks.
  6. darkdan

    Anyone know of anyone that sells cut down rolls

    Signwarehouse.com carries 8 inch ORACAL 651.
  7. Which driver are you using for flexi? Roland PNC?
  8. darkdan

    bid question?????

    Grommet machines are nice, but I don't think he's going to drop $260 for his first banner just for the grommet machine. But Fellers does have a grommet kit and it even comes with 24 pairs of grommets. Just FYI for those that want to grommet themselves.
  9. darkdan

    bid question?????

    That's exactly what I'm saying. Making your own is going to significantly reduce your cost. However, if you're buying one blank and have to have it shipped, for a very small amount more you can have it finished and save yourself some time.
  10. darkdan

    doing t shirts do u charge

    Set up fee for screen printing is perfectly normal (to make to screen). Some places also charge art fees for vectorizing images. After all, most shops have to recoup the labor costs associated with the labor of doing so.
  11. darkdan

    bid question?????

    I mentioned a banner blank, but it depends on what his cost is going to be. Depending on where the blank is ordered from it could be $15 to $20, but if it has to be shipped it may end up being $30 to $40. Add in pre-mask and vinyl and the all important time..... Considering there's places on ebay that can deliver a premade banner to your door for under $50, subbing it out may be an option if you don't plan on doing a lot of banners or aren't spreading out the shipping costs on a banner blank with other items. Of course, when you sub it out then you're at the mercy of whomever is making to deliver on quality and on-time. It's just another option to consider. If it were me, I would order a roll of banner material, hemming supplies, and a grommeting kit (strike it with a hammer). This way you're set for next time and making banners will be cheaper in the long run than ordering blanks.
  12. darkdan

    bid question?????

    Maybe just sub out the banner making process, mark it up, and then make pure profit. Unless you want to have to order in materials if you don't do banners often. If you plan on doing banners, it's always good to have the stuff on hand.
  13. Here's the next video. It's a side hinge "one swipe" technique. The other videos showed medium sized applications, and this technique is best for small decals. I did this outside in the cold (windchill is about 15F and air temp is about 35F).
  14. darkdan

    bid question?????

    It would depend on what your local area prices are. It would also depend on what your material cost is going to be. Are you going to have to order in banner material? A banner blank?
  15. Addressing a few questions: 1.) Yes, you can do dry applications at all temperatures. I just stressed the cold weather aspect because someone here was having trouble with wet applications at near freezing temps. Most vinyl manufacturers don't recommend wet application below about 60 degrees and don't recommend any application near freezing. 2.) There are sometimes that popping the film up won't work. Plexiglass comes to mind. Once vinyl hits plexiglass it's stuck.