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  1. mikerob2334

    USDOT # size/font

    Thanks Jay! Guess I wasn't searching with the right phrase.
  2. mikerob2334

    USDOT # size/font

    First place I looked. The problem with government websites is they have TOO much info. Been searching and just can't seem to find the answers
  3. mikerob2334

    USDOT # size/font

    Thanks! What about color? His truck is white, company name is red with a silver outline. He's wanting the DOT #'s to be the same colors.
  4. I have a guy that wants graphics for his truck along with DOT #s. He asked about regulations on size and font for the DOT #'s and I can't find a thing. On the trucks I've looked at it looks like most are 2" in Impact. Does anyone know if there are any regulations on the font/size?? Thanks
  5. mikerob2334

    Bullets logos

    Some 4-color logos for Bullets restaurant me & my wife put up today. I know the "Entrance" is crooked, the white is existing, we just did the logos.
  6. mikerob2334

    All sports team vectors.

    Mader do you mind email it to me? michael@building-management.net
  7. Are you trying to cut those all at once. If so that's probably way too much information for sbe
  8. mikerob2334

    does this work??

    deth502, i know you're practicing with inkscape but fiqured i'd post this. i did it a while back to go on a yellow tag gadsden.EPS gadsden.EPS
  9. mikerob2334

    The excel calculator!

    $3 per sq inch??? I'm moving to your area!
  10. mikerob2334

    Anyone know this font?

    looks similar to bauhaus, but a couple letters are different.
  11. mikerob2334

    Does anyone have experience with turduckens ??

    This is where I get mine from and I love them. Tried a few places and this is the one that had the best so we stuck with them. I just cook mine in the oven. http://www.cajungrocer.com/
  12. mikerob2334

    how about this one?

    I would do something like this for your registration marks. The largest square would be your top layer, next size down your second and the smallest square your bottom layer. ak.EPS ak.EPS
  13. mikerob2334

    church sign

    Looks good! I hate to be the one to bring it up but I would remove the periods behind the m's since there isn't one after the a's/p's.
  14. mikerob2334

    Anyone have a YODA vector?

  15. mikerob2334

    program keeps crashing

    It tends to do this with certain ai files. If you look in the folder where your vector files are you should find some .err files with the same name as the problem files.