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  1. joshlindt

    need help please

  2. joshlindt

    need help please

    cant seem to find this
  3. joshlindt

    Need help with font

    sorry i see what happened now i searched for europe as that is what was posted the first time and it should have been europa
  4. joshlindt

    Need help with font

    i must be missing something doesnt look like it to me
  5. joshlindt

    Need help with font

    Was wondering if anyone has an idea of what font this is
  6. joshlindt


    im looking for a hpi baja 5b and a 5t cuttable silhouette if anyone has or knows where i can find one it woul be greatly appreciated
  7. joshlindt

    in need of font

    I have it send me an email and I will send it to you thanks i found it sorry was busy and didnt have time to get back on here
  8. joshlindt

    in need of font

    was wondering if any had a font named pretext
  9. joshlindt

    hunting dog

    thanks i think that might just work
  10. joshlindt

    hunting dog

    was wondering if anyone had a walker hound
  11. joshlindt

    sign blanks

  12. joshlindt

    sign blanks

    any one
  13. joshlindt

    sign blanks

    sorry aluminum or plastic
  14. joshlindt

    sign blanks

    was trying to find out if anyone knows where to get 9x12 sign blanks from
  15. joshlindt

    Plotter or machine to cut Magnet matarial?

    i have a seiki cutter and i run my mag thru mine using a 60 deg blade to score it an then just peel the rest