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  1. rustyflakes

    Do you know this font?!

    Sorry, the attached file is there now. thanks
  2. I need to know this font, please help regards,
  3. rustyflakes

    Need help with lettering

    Sign Blaster, Trial mode.
  4. rustyflakes

    Need help with lettering

    Hi, I need some help with my UScutter MH-871 When trying to cut letters (1 inch), it wont cut them complete, the cutter is leaving a little space in each letter with out closing the complete letter. why is this? i tried reducing and giving it more speed. lowering and giving more pressure and it is still leaving gaps. can some one help me? my pressure is 140 and the speed i always use is 40 i am using green star vinyl thank you can you share your settings with me?! regards,
  5. rustyflakes

    New to cutters MH871 signcut all is good

    how did you install the drivers for the usb, wish drivers did you install?! i cant get to make my mh871 to work with snow leopard. NEED HELP!!
  6. rustyflakes

    Mac not communicating with MH871-mk2

    I am having the same problem. i already used it on windows and it worked, so it has nothing to do with the cutter hardware.
  7. What happened? the links you posted does not work.. i am having the same trouble,