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  1. I've been looking at the direct jet printers by direct color systems. It's direct to substrate printer. I found one for sale in my area and trying to figure out what to look for if i go and check it out. They are selling it for someone and doesn't seem to know anything about the printer so didn't seem like they would show me if or how it works. Its a 1320 model which doent seem as popular on the direct color system web site anymore. I'm waiting for an email back from them as well. From what i found it seems like half the price of a new one. Any input would help thank you.
  2. Carluv_11

    Testing phase

    I don't know what scalp is .. It seems to be cutting good for now..
  3. Carluv_11

    Testing phase

    So I have been trying to cut out my design and found that i had to tighten up my rollers since the H.P.V. is so much thiner and kept sliding. My letters were starting to over lap and wasn't finishing cutting the lines. But now my cutter is getting stuck in the middle of my design and cutting out the same circle 8 times, until it rips a hole right through it. Thats new for my machine. Im thinking is just a malfunction with the cutter i have(MH871). Not sure how i'm gonna fix that one but to shut it off for awhile and take a break for a little bit. Still not sure if i like this type of vinyl becasue the backing is not sticky so it doesn't hold down little edges.
  4. Carluv_11

    Testing phase

    After stepping away for a few hours, I tried a new blade once again and took your advice about the easier cutting and used about half the pressure I normally would for regualar vinyl, and seemed to work. I might have to adjust my offset a little bit since it rounded a couple edges but it actually cut a straight line. Thank you dakota. I'm so relieved it was just me and not the vinyl since i had ordered a lot. Now i just have to remember to cut everything in mirror image :-)
  5. Carluv_11

    Testing phase

    Hey guys, Can somebody help me out? I ordered heat press vinyl (premium plus) from cad cut direct, and i can't get it to cut worth a dam*. I'm very upset since it was on back order and i finally got it after 7 weeks. When i finally went to cut a sample out, it looks like its cutting a dotted line, and more or less stretching it. I have adjusted my presser to very high and very low and it looks the same. I tried putting a new blade in and nothing. Is it just crappy vinyl? Should i send all of it back? ... I bought some off ebay two months ago maybe (thermoflex plus?) and worked great and the backing was sticky, hard to see the cut line but at least worked. This backing is not sticky at all. I was looking to buy in bulk which is why i went on the cad cut website, which looks like a bad decision Good thing i dont need all these shirts for a couple months yet. Please help.
  6. Carluv_11

    Please help figure out why node edit is being goofy

    OMG im dumb. I knew it was gonna be something simple i was losing my mind. It worked. Thank you so much. I guess i need a little more sleep.
  7. Hello everyone, I really hope that somebody can help me figure out why signblazer is acting weird on me. Im trying to work on a vector in signblazer and when i click on the node edit button there is no lines that are connecting the nodes, it looks like connect the dots. I have been using sign blazer for two years and this has never happened. I need to work on stickers asap but is hard when i cant edit anything.
  8. Carluv_11

    Plotter Draws fine but stops when cutting

    Hello, i also have an 871 mk2 and use sign blazer. I have had this happen to me as well, mostly with lager images. It was static that would stop my machine from cutter and i would have to restart it. I do have mine grounded but probably not well enough. A simple thing that i found that helped greated was taking a swiffer sheet and lightly going over the vinyl to get all the startic and dust off before cutting. If i had a large object i might dust the back of the vinyl while it is getting feed. Make sure you dont get close to the cutter while its cutting.
  9. Carluv_11

    Cutting from signblazer ? ?

    Ok so i guess i figured out the problem and i wasn't going crazy. As soon as i pluged my vinyl cutter back into my computer tonight it starting cutting my decal before i even opened the Signblazer. The 871 cutter that i have has a bad conection with the usb cord. Its working now :-)
  10. Carluv_11

    Cutting from signblazer ? ?

    Ok I am new to this but have been picking up things very quickly from the help of youtube. :-) I am finally stuck though and am looking for some help. Signblazer is not letting me cut my image out. I was able to cut a simple clip art pic so i decided to do a picture i had. I traced the image using the nodes and deleted the photo. Theres a couple pieces in the inside as well that i traced seperate. It looks really good but when i send it to the cutter nothing happens. It shows the image highlighted in blue and the inside highlighed in red. I tried combinding and spliting the image to see if it did anything and nothing. Is there something wrong with the inside of my image? Can anybody help please? thank you