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  1. MetG

    Harley Quinn

    Long shot but does anyone have the file for this. It would look perfect on my partners mini project. Thanks
  2. Nevermind, a tech has sorted this on remote access
  3. Right, Having massive problems with cutter recently. Been completely fine for last 7 years, but today with loads of stuff to do it's decided to have a complete fit and not work at all. I do everything as a hobby on my machine but a charity came to me asking to do a van and I said yes I'd do it for free for cancer and I can't cut a thing! I've got it narrowed down to a driver issue. I've ruled out my cables, ports and actualy cutter. The underlying issue with all my trial and error is this message: (Running Win 7) "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)" I get this every new thing I try. Its boiling my blood, and I don't want to go back to a charity and say I cant do it. Can anyone help with this issue?
  4. Have just tried it, doesnt support eps files. SC also back to non working
  5. Had enough of SC now! Finally got it cutting again after many tries. Cut 4 things. Weeded them out come back to cut something else and back to square one full of errors. Won't even open a file! Update: Uninstalled - reinstalled all works fine. It will happen again though exactly what it did before
  6. Need a little advice, For the past 4-5 years I've been using Signcut on my SC630 (not the best machine I know but it does me) Anyway recently I've had massive problems with the software, so far today its: Asked for licence when already in and valid Parsing Error - line 7 Not responding Crashed several times Not updating 1.#J (what the hell is that in diemensions) freezing Not comms with machine (found it had changed from COM2 to COM3, without me changing it) The software is becoming really stressful to me and I can't be having these reliability issues, its getting ridiculous. My question is that cant these issues be resolved by myself or I've been looking at purchasing Sure Cuts A Lot v4 - will this be more reliable, easy to use and will it work with my machine. SC610/630. Signcut today has been an absoulute joke, it was fine yesterday but after today, I'm at my wits end with it, its just been one problem after another today. I'm even having to delay cuts for people while I get it sorted. any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  7. MetG

    Need some help - Novice

    Thank you ever so much, Skarekrow This has been driving me nuts, that is perfect. I'm extremely grateful. Paul
  8. MetG

    Need some help - Novice

    You know what it is, I can't answer that. I think last time I opened it, it didnt work properly for me. I've just downloaded it again and its working fine, think something must have updated. Thanks again guys, I was getting so frustrated by this.
  9. MetG

    Need some help - Novice

    Grrr want to kick someone in the crotch like area. I have managed to redesign the logo and my friend is happy with it. Managed to cut a few then the file decides it doesnt want to open anymore. After a lengthy debate with SC Pro they say the file shouldn't have been cutting and offered this solution: "file and in Illustrator save it as AI-format version 8-0 it will work to open then as Illustrator " Can someone convert it for me, I haven't got illustrator yet - I've remade the design and learning a bit but I'm stuck now with this problem and cant move forward. I'm looking into buying illustrator but at the price it is, it's not gonna be something I get today. Can anyone help? Also can anyore recommend some good cutting software that doesnt cost the earth, I've just about had enough of SC Pro. Thanks
  10. MetG

    Need some help - Novice

    Thank you so much guys, How you can recognize the font is beyond me, theres thousands. Like I say my skills are limited but I will start and learn programs to help, I dont intend to do anything business with it, I work full time but I'm always eager to learn new skills. I have inkscape, but don't know how to fully utalize it, something to learn I guess. Picture is what I mainly do with it. But if I can make that one for my friend it will make his day. Thanks and have a jolly christmas. Paul
  11. MetG

    Need some help - Novice

    The eps file I'm guessing you mean. How do I rectify this into something I can cut? I wanna help the guy out hes been taken for a ride with someone.
  12. Hello, I'm in the need of some help cant really figure it out. I don't do things as a business and only really use my cutter for doing paint masks, But anyway a friend of mine has asked me to cut a sticker for him, he had someone design it for him, its in an eps file, but every time I open it, it wont open and claims theres no vector there! Don't know what to do with it. Can anyone help or make a new file for it? I know I need to develop my skills more to be able to make things, but I'm no pro; is there any programs out there that can help besides learning photoshop. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul kuruma .eps
  13. MetG

    Free vector graphics link

    Hello, Long shot but can anyone convert the FN logo to an eps file, I cant open the AI one and I wanna cut to stick on a pistol case. Thanks