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  1. iburnclothing

    IBurnClothing.com thanks USCutter!

    http://www.IBurnClothing.com has been doing great because of the USCutter plotter we have. I wish I could tell you how I got the usb to work perfectly, but it does! I used the serial port for a while and I just upgraded the motherboard which no longer had a serial jack.. Once I started making the cutter go slower and a higher pressure, all my cuts were practically flawless from then on out! Oh its a laserpoint.
  2. iburnclothing

    Silk screening with vinyl

    Inspirational video right here. Thank you Beardown!!
  3. iburnclothing


    Hey Wheres the updates on this baby?? I still have the CD that came with my cutter, which sucks. I dont have the update package that was emailed to me a long time ago. Where can I find it?
  4. Some of you seen my post a while back on my site. Since then I have been getting things bug free and more secure. I am looking for trusted USCutter Forum members who have tatts to join in my community. I will need moderators and tattoo pattern uploaders as well. Join my site now! http://www.inkedHUMANS.com
  5. iburnclothing

    Apply Window Tint/Film

    Glad you guys liked it!
  6. iburnclothing

    ID this font please

    Anyone have any clue on this?
  7. I have worked on it the past two months. Built on the dolphin cms. At 12 days I had 400+ members Site is now about 65 days old. Just wanted to pass it along to you guys to see if any of you were tattoo lovers! I am the first profile on the site btw. Add me http://www.InkedHUMANS.com
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKfDwrK6HOQ
  9. iburnclothing

    Logo Vectors

    Enjoy. This is the Aa-l series. I will keep this thread updated with more every week! Tune in! There is probably a few hundred logos easy in this series. Don't forget to say thanks! [glow=red,2,300]Download[/glow] [move]http://rapidshare.com/files/116892738/LogoVectorPack1.zip[/move]
  10. Great Links everyone! Keep em coming! Sellers who take paypal is even better!
  11. I need crackhead deals on all your not wanted gildan dark shirts. Mens sizes only. The 5000 series or anything thick is good. Let me know the colors and sizes you have available. If the prices are awesome I will get a bunch. Paypal ready and no this isnt my first order. Sales at IBurnClothing dot com for a faster response
  12. iburnclothing

    Identify this Font Pls.

    Thank you so much! I have been wanting to vomit about this logo. A website deal turning into a logo nightmare. Heres what it looks like. Anyone have a suggestion on how to do the line?