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  1. too many colors to be cost effective in vinyl, someone want to shoot me a price and I can sub them out. Design is done PM me if you want me to send you the file
  2. perry 13654

    what would you charge

    Good point, I was thinking around 1000 so I'm way off. glad he didn't need a quote, thanks bayshore!!
  3. Hi, I am having some trouble on pricing a sign I have already done, I would like to see what you guys would be at so I don't sell short. All the info: - I am a storefront with a overhead of roughly 1500 a month - this job was for my boss of my nightjob (I cook part time at a hotel to make ends meet) - He didn't ask me for a quote, just sad it needed to be done and give him the bill when it was done, I do like him and would like more business from him. -theyre are 24 signs made out of alumicore that I had to clean old vinyl off from (total cleaning and minor repairs were about 10 hrs) - signs are 81"x7" each and I completly covered in marroon 600 series avery vinyl and then lettered in seperate white vinyl(couldnt use the white from the sign because of the fading from previous lettering -12 total designs 2 of each, all but 1 was plan text in arial black, 1 had a simple logo that took me about 15 min to draw - he took them down and brought them to my shop but had to have them back the next day I had into it: 2 hour drive(both ways) to look at sign for colors so they would be here to get it done in a day 10 man hours cleaning 10 man hours weeding, design, taping, application $170.00 app vinyl, tape, cleaners etc. Please help, I don't want to leave money on the table but I don't want to overcharge either It's worth a side note that I have a $7000 wedding next month at this hotel and didn't get a discount, so I would like to get full price out of this job but dont want to sticker shock him with a price higher than he bought the original signs for (which might be the case considering they were probably done 7-10 years ago) Thanks, Erik
  4. Hi I'm out of town trying to send a proof to someone and forgot my disc for my mega collection. If anyone has it handy could you please send me image 150 , 25 out of the blue book in eps format. It's the antique tractor. Thanks ahead of time
  5. perry 13654

    moonwalk/bouncer logos/sno cone cotton candy

    Did you ever find a bounce house? I am also looking for one for a customer
  6. When removing the panel only take out the 8 screws on the sides of the bottom, the screws on the very bottom remove components and they will fall. ( you can imagine figured this out)
  7. When you are first starting the best thing you can do IMO is do some freebies for friends and do them well. It's cheap and you need the practice (we all do really) and the word of mouth will spread at a rate you can handle so you don't get in over your head. I have found that a lot of people are looking for decals and signs and Have no idea where to go to get them, like somone stated above I hand cards out every chance I can get and probably 80% want to discuss things they want. Even if they already have decals it benefits them to have a 2nd opinion/price
  8. perry 13654

    Price per piece etching

    I charge 15 each for etched and 20 for frosted(where the design is clear) for singles runs. I sell lots of these at this price and don't think it would be worth my time at 5-8 $ a piece. I don't go below 10 even for a 100 of them, and before someone says it's the area I'm in, I live in St. law. county , NY probably one of the most monetary depressed places in the country. I am the only one around that does glass etching but theer are plenty available online for much cheaper.
  9. 3 years later, thanks for sharing
  10. perry 13654

    car crashed

    nice files, thanks
  11. perry 13654

    Looking for man pushing a hand truck

    artists don't deserve 25 for a image that easy
  12. perry 13654

    pontoon graphic

    grabbed it , thanks
  13. perry 13654

    Cincinnati Bengals "B"

    Nice mark, way to be your usual helpfull self
  14. perry 13654

    octopus eps

    couldn't find a octopus on here so made this one, thought maybe somone else could use it. May need some work I am new at this octopus.EPS
  15. perry 13654

    Small Engine Repair

    Had to use the above chainsaw, here's the trace... chainsaw.EPS