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    Flexisign 8.6 v2 on MH-871

    Ops. I'm sorry. I wasn't my intention. I didn't know.
  2. Carlosgraphic

    Flexisign 8.6 v2 on MH-871

    Thanks Skeeter. I know my question was answered, but I'm looking a light in the end of path. It is a problem of the machine bios or a driver problem with flexisign? I am only clearing doubts. Thanks Mr.Skeeter.
  3. Carlosgraphic

    Flexisign 8.6 v2 on MH-871

    Hello. I wanna know if somebody have working Flexisign 8.6 v2 on MH-871. Does this software work well on it? Any issues? I have MH-871 cutter and Flexisign 8.6 v2 and it's working on it. The software works well, but when I cut something, the carriage doesn't come back to the original point. This one remains paralyzed in last point of the cut. If I going to do another cut, the cutter will cut erratic, so I have to push reset. Normally, this issue doesn't happen on SBE, but I would rather use Flexi. If you have flexi and it's working well without this issue. Could you share your configuration on setup to compare it, please? I did this post before, but I think it wasn't in correct section. Uscutter refine MH-871. Ground was tested. Windows 7 64 bits Flexisign 8.6 v2 port by USB cable. Thanks.
  4. Carlosgraphic

    It is normal on my HM-871?

    Flexisign 8.6 and Windows 7 64 bits. Postdata: It works well with SBE, but I would like use Flexisign because It is less complicated to import images from AI. I'm unable to import some images from AI to SBE, but I can do it with Flexisign. I think flexi is more friendly than SBE or SC. I can import images without problem, make single designs and move them on preview before cut.
  5. Hello! I'm new in this forum. Well, my question or problem (I don't know yet) is the following. I recently bought a MH-871 uscutter. I installed it follow to the instructions. The cutter is working with flexisign software, but I have seen something strange on the cutter. When I cut something, it finish well, but the carriage stops in the last cut point. I have to push the reset button, so the carriage come back to initiation. The cutter doesn't make it by itself after a job or cut. In consequence, If I leave the carriage in the last cut point, and I wanna do another cut then the cutter begin a erratic cut. I have to cancel the printing/cutting job, push offline/pause, and turn the cutter off and come back turn it on again. In addition, I cannot print again if I only push offline/pause and I cancel a printing/cutting job. I have to turn off/on the cutter necessarily. Thanks.