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  1. imsracing

    Cant remember how to convert the image!

    Thank you very much. Happy Holidays everyone!
  2. imsracing

    Cant remember how to convert the image!

    Thanks for the help everyone. I thought i had attached the file to the first post but i didn't acutally click attach so it didn't post. Here it is and hopefully someone can help. I think a .eps file is the best for me.
  3. imsracing

    Cant remember how to convert the image!

    It still doesn't show up. This is driving me crazy!
  4. imsracing

    Cant remember how to convert the image!

    Thanks for the quick response. I have done that and saved as eps file. Everything looks good but when i import the file into sign blazer nothing shows up on the workspace.
  5. I just use my cutter for making signs for my families businesses and havent made one in a while. Anyways for the life of me i can't remember how to get the image vectorized. I just want a simple line drawing out of it. Trying to do this for my moms x-mas present. Thanks for any help
  6. imsracing

    Vector Help

    I have this image and my photoshop decided to quit working so i can't convert the image to monochrome to vectorize in my program. I was wondering if someone would help me out and vectorize this image for me please. TIA Dan.
  7. When i checked them, i pushed them down to make sure they were in place and still no luck.
  8. I took all the covers off to access the motherboard, power center, and switches and i see nothing loose, broken, etc. What is the next step?
  9. I have 2 wires that connect to the screw above the wire hole. One mounts the the lower screw on the feed motor and then the other one goes to??
  10. I need to know where the ground wire that is above the usb connection goes. I believe this could be my problem of it not communicating with my computer.
  11. I got the laptop back and it doesn't seem to register with it also, so i am thinking it is something internal. Should i disassemble and check for loose connections, or what is the next diagnosis step?
  12. I have had the machine working and it hasn't moved since i switched computers. I might just have to wait and see if it works with my laptop when it comes back from getting a new keyboard.
  13. I have tried 3 cables that i know work, and all 4 different usb ports. I also tried directly downloading the driver and no success. Any more ideas. If something internal happened with the cutter could this happen? I don't think this is the case, but just wondering.