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  1. finally got it to work right after playing with the port setting in the device manager. had to set them the same as in signblazer setup. i played w/ it for about 30 mins. and i swear i tried it twice the way it ended up working. oh well it works, i'm happy and not touching anything! Thanks for the help!
  2. i'm not sure, when i go to cut, & press "cut tile" nothing happens and another window opens "CUTJOB- Blazer Cut Manager" with job description etc... It's been a while since I set signblazer up on my PC that crashed, now i'm trying to run on a laptop via USB port...
  3. I just got a new computer as my last one crashed and I'm having trouble getting windows7 and signblazer to work together. Does anyone know what software would work the best for a Refine MH365 and Windows 7. I'm tired of trying to get signblazer to work right and would like somthing up to date.