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  1. Due to the service that I received from Levi, I will consider ordering from USC again. I hope that someone in management pursues getting someone into the customer service department and straightens things out. If this is my first experience with them and it goes like this, how will the next one(if there is one)play out? If something isn't done, US Cutter may not last long............ One can only wonder??? I hope for everyone's sake here as customers AND employees, that service is improved.
  2. I just spoke to Levi..I strongly recommend that if you have an issue, call and ask for Levi. He has been the only person that actually helped me and actually acted like he was concerned about my problem. Everyone else was rude and acted like their shortcomings was my fault. Levi checked on everthing and did the best he could and took time to explain things,instead of making excuses. That is what makes or breaks a customer's experience. Kudos, Levi
  3. I just spoke with a direct competitor of US Cutter and ordered some specialized vinyl that US CUTTER does not carry. I will receive that order BEFORE i get the USC order........ US Cutter ships out of Memphis...This order is coming from Minnesota and I received a tracking number within ten minutes of my order(I did request the number as soon as I could get it)and I did'nt wait 30 minutes on the phone to talk to a real live person that took my order on the phone and verified that everything was correct, that the payment was processed and approved and the person on the other end was genuinely concerned that my order was correct. Not a good thing for USC....
  4. Just wanted to add my two cents....... I placed an order on thursday and was told if it was ordered by 2pm pst, it would be shipped that day.....it is monday and it STILL HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED!!! I have talked to customer service multiple times and it finally was placed in the shipping que. I asked if they could help me get it sooner and the reply was"pay 180.00 extra and we can overnite it"....? this was my first order....probably the last....