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  1. Tewfiddy

    Need a particular US flag

  2. Tewfiddy

    Font help????

  3. Tewfiddy

    need super bowl trophy..........

  4. Tewfiddy

    Taz holding a beer mug?

    THAT IS AWSOME! I CANT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. It was the anniversary of his death on new years eve. Plus I live in Ohio and we had a Deputy Sheriff Killed in the line of duty and me being a Deputy, Its been kinda hectic around here. Thank you guys. I appreciate it very much! I hope everyone has a great and safe 2011. Tewfiddy
  5. Tewfiddy

    Taz holding a beer mug?

    Anyone have Taz holding a beer mug. My buddy, who just died of cancer, had this tattoo. Me and 3 of my friends who we all grew up together want to get these made up for out cars. My buddy would have this put on everyone of his vehicles by airbrush. I cant seem to find it in vector form for vinyl. I was hoping maybe someone here might have it. Thanks all
  6. Perfect! Thanks for coming thru for me again!
  7. Tried that google. I know i have seen it before and i think i had it before my computer crashed.
  8. Hey all I need a Harley Davidson with wings for my garage floor. I have looked everywhere and cant find one. I have looked on Brands of the world and no luck. Anyone have this and want to share it with me? Thanks.
  9. Tewfiddy

    Live to ride, Ride to live

    Got it and Thanks
  10. Tewfiddy

    sorry guys, another one my SB wont recognise.

    Thats where I got this one from is brands of the world. CS3 wont save it in EPS for to recognise it.
  11. They are downloaded from brands of the world. and I tried putting them thru CS3 to resave them in EPS form again. CS3 isnt old enough so that Sb will recognise the EPS files
  12. The CS3 is the oldest version I have.
  13. I had to shrink this one down a bit to get it to fit on here. I someone do this one also, I would appreciate it. Bear_Archery1.eps Bear_Archery1.eps
  14. My adobe CS3 wont transfer these so my SB will recognise these either. if any can convert these i would appreciate it. thanks. Browning_Archery.eps Browning_Archery.eps
  15. Tewfiddy

    Windows 7?

    Great cause I just bought a HP with windows 7. Now to get my SignBlazer back on this. Any suggestions? I have read so much stuff on here my head is spinning.