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  1. It seems the short term is a new motherboard...again. And the not so long term is looking into a different cutter.
  2. It's odd because they've been connected to two different laptops in two different houses though. Guess I'm just electrifying
  3. Well, I doubt it is static as the cutters have been in two different locations and this particular cutter has been plugged into three different walls, all with surge protectors. I use a static wrist band as well.
  4. UGH! Just bought new cutter 3 weeks ago and I think the mother board is blown on it. We went through this with my last cutter THREE times needing a new mother board every 6m. Why o why did I buy another one?!?!?!
  5. Thanks Ken! YOU ROCK!!
  6. So people are expected to blow through $80 mother boards and kep replacing them?
  7. Last month US Cutter replaced the mother board on my Refine cutter we purchased in 2007. That was the third mother board we have had. Once again, my cutter isn't working. It is very disappointing that we have been through three mother boards in less than 2 years. When you turn it on it doesn't move until you press the red reset button at that time it will only move the roll up and down but not the cutter/blade box from side to side to actually. Anyone else have this problem or did we just get a "lemon"? I am so frustrated! I have multiple orders for the holidays that I need to do and I am out of commission AGAIN! :'(
  8. keleland

    Looking for font called "Sweetheart Script"

    This is just a pretty script font - doesn't have hearts at all.
  9. keleland

    Pixie Dust

    Yes - she wants sparkles "like Tinkerbell throws". :help:
  10. keleland

    Pixie Dust

    I just got a request for pixie dust. Anyone??
  11. keleland

    wrestling images

    I just did a huge order for our local HS team and that was the hardest clipart to find. Must have been lucky for them...they won state this past weekend! :woohoo:
  12. keleland

    How do I make my stick guy fat?

    Where do I get it?
  13. keleland

    How do I make my stick guy fat?

    Maybe I need Signblazer to do this. I followed those instructions and its not working. But the one done in SignBlazer above is PERFECT :bang: