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    Flexi with laser pointer

    OK i have spent a day now trying to get this to work. I use to use a colorcamm pc600 to do the cutting. Thought a laser to line up would be faster. I can setup as CT630 and get a cut to send but it goes straight to cutting with no window to set registration marks. I can switch and say its a PNC1000 and i get the registration window but no cutting or movement from the laserpoint. If i set to laserpoint in setup i do not get an option to even add registration marks of any kind. Any idea out there? I have a full version Flexi i have been using for 3 years so i am not ready to learn a new software. Not to mention redoing artwork to get it all working. P.S. The Colorcamm is a huge pile of junk, went through 3 $600 heads in 1 year. The 3rd only 5 weeks. So using it as a cutter only the lid is always in the way and it makes you waste lots of Vinyl. And i do football helmet decals so its expensive waste.