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  1. new problem, I am using signblazer software now, the cutter looks like it is going through the motions and cutting the right stuff but the blade doesn't drop down to actually cut.
  2. I have a desktop but it doesnt work on that either anymore. We don't have a walmart here, will maybe have to buy online and take the risk it works.
  3. Is there a cheaper way, those adapters cost $60 here in Australia and what if it doesn't work. I tried installing everything back on the computer thats dying. I can't get the cutter to work on that anymore
  4. I have a creation pcut 630 . Its an old one so has a serial,parrallel outlet. I have bought a usb adaptor. I got it working eventually on my computer using vista. I used artcut 2002. That computer is dying so I bought a laptop and has windows7. When I plug the usb adapter it finds its own driver which is aten. I am sure I used a different driver on my vista computer caller prolific. The laptop wont install the prolific driver, something to do with windows7. So I have artcut 2002 installed, go to do a test cut and it just cuts what it wants, long lines, squiggly lines, just not what I want. I have tried artcut 2009 as well and have the same problem. help please