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  1. Promise

    More font help!

    Checking out the software now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looks like a solid purchase!
  2. Promise

    More font help!

    Thank you! You're a rockstar!
  3. Promise

    More font help!

    Hey everyone. Was wondering if anyone knows what the name of this font is? Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Promise

    Another font help request

  5. Promise

    Another font help request

    Awesome! Wouldn't happen to have a link to where I could get it, preferably free. Google search isn't pulling it up
  6. Promise

    Another font help request

    Any idea what font was used on the California text of the old Cali license plates? Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. Promise

    Font help please

    Perfect! Thanks to you both!
  8. Promise

    Font help please

    Cant for the life of me find the name of this font. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. Promise

    Font help please

    Thanks for the help. I finally ended up using Tristram and modifying the points.
  10. Promise

    Font help please

    Need some help with this one. Thanks in advance!
  11. Promise

    Font help please

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I am stumped. Sorry for the bad pic it's all the customer had Thanks in advance
  12. Promise

    Sublimation Bulk ink

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  13. Promise

    Sublimation Bulk ink

    I recently purchased an Epson CIS Sub printer and it has refillable carts. I was wondering if anyone has leads on bulk ink bottles to buy? I seem to be finding just replacement carts to buy for it.
  14. Promise

    Font help

    Thanks a bunch!
  15. Promise

    More font help.

    Any idea what this is? Thanks!