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  1. FutureSgtsWife

    first rhinestone shirt

    Great job! I've made dozens of rhinestone shirts for the moms at dance - with their kids' names on the back, etc.... I'm making a few this weekend and will post a pic. I use thermoflex to do the outline, say.... "Britt's Mom" (I outline the letters in vinyl and put the rhinestones in the middle). I found the easiest way for me was to put the shirt on an acrylic board that I can use to carry the shirt over to the press (I hate working on the press itself for so many stones). Then I place each stone - and move the shirt over to the press -- carefully sliding the board out from underneath it. I CAREFULLY put my teflon sheet over it and press. I've NEVER screwed up a shirt that way yet. I did make a few errors when trying to put tape over the stones. I rhinestoned my daughter's dance costumes -- $100 in stones on her hiphop costume -- it's CRAZY.... and at the last competition, one of the judges said "wow, that shirt is awesome"... made it worth it!!
  2. FutureSgtsWife

    Hey Dummy!......What were you thinking?

    I just did "superman" shirts for one of the dance groups for a recital... and switched the red and yellow... 30 shirts. All cut/weeded.... thankfully NOT pressed. That sucked!
  3. I know this is probably the dumbest question -- and I should have been able to figure it out for myself -- but my mind has a block - and I'm at a loss... Here's what I need to do: I need to airbrush on a cross shaped cookie. I have to add the baby's name. I was going to make a stencil out of vinyl - but WTF do I do with the middle of the lowecase "a" because once I peel the backing away, there goes the center of my "a". Is there a product that takes care of this? a technique? or do I simply have to use a font where it's all connected and make my stencil out of vinyl? Thanks, as always!! Lisa
  4. FutureSgtsWife

    Another "odd job" -- how would you brand a bbq tool?

    They're a large grill basket - but the handle is probably 2" tall by 12" long.. then the basket, which is approx 14x14
  5. FutureSgtsWife

    Trip to Ohio

    I love field trips!
  6. One of my clients needs 3,000 bbq grill baskets logo'ed. They're thinking silk screening on the wooden handle, but I was thinking more of a branding iron. Is there any vinyl that would withstand the bbq? If it was your client, what would you suggest? Keep in mind the liabilities with idiot grillers who would potentially hurt themselves with this tool.... So vinyl could melt and burn them, right? And a metal tag added to the handle would get hot to the touch. ugh... i have no desire to be challenged today.
  7. FutureSgtsWife

    Can anyone vectorize this for me, please??

    Here's the image location link... http://i517.photobucket.com/albums/u337/HG_123/BREWKR3W.jpg
  8. I've been sick for 10 days with bronchitis and have zero energy and less of a desire to play with this logo to make it weed-able. Customer said it doesn't need to look vintage -- it can be crisp/clean. Does anyone have some time to play around with it? Thanks in advance... Lisa
  9. for mine, I used dingbats of laundry symbols.... it was basic, but clearly denotes a laundry room
  10. FutureSgtsWife

    what was for first paying job

    most of my work is with heat-applied.... so a bunch of shirts from a customer that has come back many. many times
  11. FutureSgtsWife

    Any Heavy USPS shippers here? Label printer question.

    At work, I believe we use a zebra printer - high end capacity - as we print thousands a day.
  12. FutureSgtsWife

    Using your vinyl plotter to decorate cakes??

    Thanks Linda! It's worth a shot -- I have a HUGE clientele of new brides/new moms.... and to be able to send them edible cake decor so they can affix to their own cakes would be a big seller.
  13. FutureSgtsWife

    Using your vinyl plotter to decorate cakes??

    You're not kidding!! My sister's wedding cake was $2,000 (granted, it fed 300, but still...) I was thinking of buying a spare "cheap" one to try it out on... and Cricut is going to sell one just for cakes, but I don't want to buy cartridges, so we'll see. I've have my LP24 for a few years -- I may test it out using SugarVeil icing instead of fondant --- and if it doesn't work or jams it up, I'll get myself another plotter... maybe even upgrade. I have a very large cupcake business, and I'm thinking I can expand my products. I don't do vehicle or signs -- just wallwords, heat applied stuff, etc -- and I'm quite certain I can make more than I do on tshirts...
  14. FutureSgtsWife

    Need 100,000 tshirts...

    Thanks everyone!
  15. FutureSgtsWife

    I've really done it now!

    Oh Carol, it's just the start.... A few years ago, someone asked me if I could make them a bunch of mousepads. I figured I could use inkjet transfers, but did some googling... and came across sublimation. And within 2 weeks, I was printing/pressing photos on ceramic tiles, magnets, plastic, etc. Then I saw a catalog from Uppercase Living. I ordered a few items for my house and was disgusted with how much they cost. When they arrived, I noticed they were cut from Avery 631 vinyl - and did some more googling. And the snowball just kept rolling.... Now today I find out I can cut fondant with my plotter.... Jeez, we're going to need another house for my stuff! A $10 mousepad has turned into $6,000+ in equipment, thousands upon thousands of substrates/ink/vinyl/fabrics, many sleepless nights... and an obsession beyond comprehension!! Can't wait to see your works of art!!