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    Help with FC2100-60a

    I think the best advice here is for me to buy a new cutter. I will mainly be using the cutter to cut paint mask for airbrushing. I do some intricate designs such as team logos on goalie helmets and I need a cutter that can cut some small intricate designs. A 24" cutter is the largest cutter I would need. Also, I won't be using the cutter for hours a day. More like a couple of hours a week. If anyone can recommend a cutter that will fill these requirements and not break the bank, that will be much appreciated. I am new to vinyl cutters and never used one before, so something with a short learning curve is also helpful.
  2. JTairbrush

    Help with FC2100-60a

    Ash, I already contacted that guy regarding this cutter and he wants $1200 for an old cutter that needs pinch rollers. I think that's way too much money for that cutter.
  3. JTairbrush

    Help with FC2100-60a

    All I know is that it's a part on the cutting carriage of the machine.
  4. I have this Graphtec FC2100-60a cutter I'm getting an error message that Graphtec says is a problem with the Y-home sensor. Graphtec no longer has parts for this cutter and I've looked everywhere and I can't find parts or a service manual. I'm really hoping someone here is familiar with this cutter and can help me fix this problem. I need this cutter to start working so I can cut paint mask for many of my jobs as I'm an airbrush artist. Any help is much appreciated.