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  1. It's been awhile since I've been on here , I have a pcut 630 that I couldn't get to work with windows 10 , so I ordered an sc cutter , it comes with software , but I'm really familiar with sb . Just wondering?
  2. Deathsmar

    eps. file problem

    O.k. this is something i did and dont know how to fix it. , i was reading in the forums and came across topic on a program to make cataloging your art easy , so i downloaded it and installed it , it is called " irfanview" anyway , after i installed it any new art was saved as an irfanviewjpg. file , inscape would open it , but when i saved as eps , signblazer would no longer see the file or import it , so i uninstalled the irfanview program and the assotions went back to windows default , but signblazer still wont find new eps. files created by inkscape .. any suggestions on how to fix this hoping its just a easy fix im overlooking.. anyway thanks in advance for your suggestions never mind lol figured it out , somehow the look for file type got changed to something else i just had to put back on all file types lol ....
  3. Deathsmar

    Wrap Fx4 Done

    looks great
  4. Deathsmar

    JPG in inkscape

    it males a duplicate right on top of the original , click on you image after you trace , and drag it there should be 2 images , just delete original image and save the new one as an eps file then import in to sb .
  5. Deathsmar

    new cutter or finding out this issue

    i agree with jay , my p-cut worked fine until i tried to do big files , then it would freeze up , tried grounding it , didnt help , then got a radioshack version of the keyspan and problem went away for a awhile , then came back , figured out that the cord comming out of the the p-cut own wheight had caused a bad connection , so if i level out the cord so no weight is on the cord it works fine no problems , hope this helps ..
  6. Deathsmar

    combining images

    Thanks alot guys , I figured it was something simple , i just didnt know it thanks again...
  7. Deathsmar

    combining images

    I have a question about SB , I have been working on some custom stick family people , i do each one then save it , now i want to bring several into a group but it only lets me open one at a time , how do i open several of them ?? this might be a dumb question , but so be it ..
  8. Deathsmar

    auto painting??stencil

    can you use reverse cut vinyl as a stencil on a vehicle to paint one color flames ect or will it stick to good and be to hard to remove?? thanks in advance .. and if you can what is best vinyl for this aplication?
  9. Deathsmar

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    Thanks grabbed this
  10. Deathsmar

    WOW! WATCH this!!

    thats awsome , i live in vegas , so just wondering how long till one of the casinos has one
  11. Deathsmar

    Vynil shirt I just made

    I like it !!
  12. Deathsmar

    Change of business name = Change of logo

    I like it !!
  13. Deathsmar

    Today's work

    Nice , i like them
  14. Deathsmar

    Diesel related graphics

    got both of em , thanks guys