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  1. Sorry, I reposted this in a support request. VettDave
  2. vettdave

    Cutter Tracking

    I have been using my PCut 900 for a couple of years with a slow learning curve of WinPC Sign. Just recently I have been trying to cut some longer pieces, about 5 foot long and I am having a tracking issue that I can't seem to resolve. After one pass, the cutter is off sometimes as much as 1". I have ruined a ton of vinyl now and have turned down a couple of jobs until I can resolve this. I leveled out the machine, checked the feeder rolls and used different paths on the machine to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance, VettDave
  3. vettdave

    Vynil storage racks

    I used shelving system channels and add shelf brackets as I add vinyl. Looks organized and fairly priced.