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  1. Upgrade to LTR

    Thanks for trying. I went in and deleted the download and re downloaded everything. It worked this time.
  2. Upgrade to LTR

    Yes that was the link.
  3. CNC Sign final

  4. What are you all using for invoicing and receipts?

    Express Invoice has a free version for small businesses. Basic and simple to use.
  5. Can a file created in in a higher version of VM, for example LTR, be cut using VM Cut version? Thanks.
  6. Tubular

    Not a great picture, but look a the "logs" on the tables. This youth group used my empty tubes to make table decorations.
  7. Moving Signblazer History

    I have 7 years of SB history on my current PC. Does anybody know where the SB History file is and if it can be moved to a new PC and would even work?
  8. Does everyone experience undercut on a PCut using SB?

    The US Cutter version is not officially supported for a PCut, but it will work using the MH drivers. I've used it with no problems at all.
  9. MAJOR Do's and Don'ts

    Don't try to catch the xacto knife you just dropped.
  10. Just when I thought Ebay couldn't get any worse

    bingo! imo, just adjust your shipping rates higher to accommodate. if your charging $1 to ship, go to $1.25 not much of a change afa the end customer, and youll actually make more. I'd love to know how to do this. A lot of my sales are large and heavy and go overseas. Actual shipping costs of $50-60 are not uncommon. So my choice now is to either quit shipping overseas (where the buyers are)or raise the shipping cost $5-6. This only punishes the buyers in the U.S. BTW - eBay has also stated if you do issue a refund for shipping that was too high, they will not be refunding any of the fees they charge.
  11. Burnout shirts with vinyl?

    I did several burnouts last week, some with vinyl, some with plastisol. They both work fine, but I did put a teflon sheet inside them, just in case.
  12. Power?

    I'd be giving the sponsor's a call. Some place have strict guidelines, like NO extension cords at all. Other places don't have a clue and only have a few circuits in the entire room. You plug in your press and half the vendors may go dark. Best to check it out before you get there.
  13. Sick of signblazer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have an old 1.6 Ghz Pentium 4 that runs SignBlazer just fine. Wow, wish I had something that fast. I've got a PIII, 500mhz PC running Signblazer, and it's been chugging along fine for about 6 years.