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  1. I tried the app fluid..... didn't work
  2. I just applied some graphics that had been sitting for a few months already masked. The mask is clear. I removed the mask after applying the graphics and the mask left a sticky residue on the finished vinyl. Does anybody have ideas of how to remove the residue without damaging the vinyl adhesion? Thanks in advance for your ideas!!
  3. JoAnns

    Looking for a good logo

    This is about the same idea I was going to give. Just the name "Jovial" denotes happy, fun, jester. You need to project the tone of your style of graphics. For example, if you have a dark side to you, make it look more evil and if you have a ..... frilly side, make it reflect that as well. Have fun with it in order to make it yours and don't worry about what others think. Have fun!