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  1. will anything they sell fit my machine? there's no category for "us cuttter refine"... hence why i requested a direct link.
  2. so much bad on the 871, i just wanted to say mine's been flawless for over a year (very moderate usage, like maybe 2-3 times a month)... i just need some help with which blades to buy, i think "clearcut"? is the way to go... anybody have a direct link to the blades i need, i don't want to get the wrong stuff.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations, it's not for a lack of trying, i searched these forums plenty of times but just could not find info for my spefici machine and did not want to order the wrong part, thanks for the responses.
  4. Hey sorry to ask a question that I am sure will be second nature to most of you, but i have an MH871 i got about a year ago, used the stock blades until now (i dont use it a lot), i decided i would like to upgrade them, looking for suggestions on which is the best blades for this machine... just cutting standard 3mil vinyl.
  5. I need to stick some carbon fiber vinyl to the underside of some thin lexan and have the design show through... normally i would just stick the vinyl to the lexan and be done with it, but with carbon fiber vinyl, it does not show the pattern on the back sticky side... so i need to some how stick it with the non sticky side of the film on the lexan, are there any adhesive sprays or something anybody would suggest for this?
  6. T3rry

    signblazer and windows 7

    mine was doing that too, as soon as i threw away the usb cable and went serial, it was perfect ever since.
  7. T3rry

    SBE Counter

    anybody know what the patch file actually does? it will not work on my windows 7 machine and i have the counter at 25 now, it's annoying... i do not want to reinstall it took me like 3 weeks just to get it working in the first place, it's got to be a value in the registry or in a config files, i just cant figure it out.
  8. T3rry

    "unlock" the cutting window?

    AH HAH, I GOT IT!!!! "fit to origin" sneaky little checkbox thanks for the help all.
  9. T3rry

    "unlock" the cutting window?

    See the attachments for a better explination 1.jpg - the item is 13" in the border, the workspace is 27" (that's how wide my vinyl is) clearly the item is not in the bottom left of the workspace.... 2.jpg shows the cutting screen... it dropped the item to the left bottom most corner
  10. T3rry

    "unlock" the cutting window?

    i am sure i could do that, and i have, but really i would rather not have to do that every time as not all items are square
  11. T3rry

    "unlock" the cutting window?

    thanks for the info, but it seems no matter what size i make the workspace, it crams the item to the bottom left most spot in the cutting screen
  12. T3rry

    "unlock" the cutting window?

    but when i trace it in inkscape it removes any padding around the outside..
  13. T3rry

    "unlock" the cutting window?

    Basically want i want to do is position the tiles where ever i want on the cutting window, is this possible? for example if i want to cut several items all at once, but i want variable spacing between each item, is it possible to just unlock the cutting window and drag tiles around on the vinyl?
  14. T3rry

    Signs for my half-bro's bar

    great work, the only negative i noticed is that it looks like the word Friday on the door is out of proportion... is this for any specific reason?