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    Print/Cut Question

    I'm not new to cutters, but new to Vinyl Master Pro and I just purchased the MH721, 28" cutter. I'm not sure if what I'm wanting to do will work or not, but y'all will know I'm sure. I'm wanting to be able to print something on my desktop printer, I'm assuming with registration marks and then take to the cutter and be able to contour cut on the cutter. Is this possible or more trouble than it's worth? It isn't something I'll be doing all the time, but often enough to want to try and make it work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. oldmountaincrafts

    Arching Logo for Curved Glass

    I know a similar question has been asked and answered several times, but I'm not wanting to cut text to curve on a pint glass, I'm needing to cut a logo to apply and sandblast. The logo is an oval with wording going through the oval at an angle. I just can't get it right. Any help out there please. Gonna end up bald after this. Thanks in advance.
  3. oldmountaincrafts

    Fonts disappeared

    Sorry for jacking the thread, but I'm having a different problem, but still with SB fonts. I can see them in my windows font folder, but when I try to use one in Illustrator it allows me to choose the font, but then the whole word I typed just disappears. I change it to a different, non-SB font, and viola it's there. Are SB fonts only usable in SB? I don't use SB any longer and would just as soon uninstall if I can't use them elsewhere. Any help is appreciated.
  4. oldmountaincrafts

    Vinyl mask for brick

    It's going to be all text but each one will be different. My first thought was the sr3000 but the cost would be way too high.
  5. oldmountaincrafts

    Vinyl cutting Software

    I've used SignCut Pro for the last 4 years or so and their prices have seemed to creep higher each year I renew. I use Illustrator to create my artwork and just "send to SignCut". Is there a plugin or driver to use to just send to the cutter? Or do I need something like SignCut Pro in order to cut the vinyl?
  6. oldmountaincrafts

    Vinyl mask for brick

    I have the potential for a large job engraving clay brick pavers. I've nixed the idea of laser engraving them, so I'm focusing on sandblasting them. I've done some research and about the most cost efficient will be cutting the mask on the vinyl cutter and applying to the brick to sandblast and then paint fill with spray paint then sealer. My question, is what kind of vinyl would you suggest that will cut on a vinyl cutter. My cutter isn't anything special, just a standard cutter I bought through USCutter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. oldmountaincrafts

    How to determine an arc of a glass

    Yeah, one of my favorite people in the world is Nascar driver Kasey Kahne and he's a Seahawks fan too. I hear it enough from him. Trying to convert to a Cowboys or Bucs fan, but he tells me it's useless! I just keep telling him I can root for someone else in the driver's seat too
  8. oldmountaincrafts

    How to determine an arc of a glass

    Thanks Dr! I think this might work! I'll post back to let y'all know. And FYI, I know what you mean about football! I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm a COWBOYS fan AND a BUCCANEERS fan. Cowboys SUCKED yesterday, but I tell ya what, my Bucs looked really good until the last quarter against the Giants, especially since they are under all new coaching. I get razed all the time where I live because the home team here are the Panthers, but I just hate them. Get rid of Cam Newton and maybe I'll think about liking them. he's just too much!!!! I'll think about you on game days when I see the Lions!!
  9. oldmountaincrafts

    How to determine an arc of a glass

    I've tried every combo of wording I can think of to Google and can't find anything that isn't way out there ridiculous. I thought maybe someone would have an idea!
  10. oldmountaincrafts

    How to determine an arc of a glass

    I have some pint beer mugs, some martini glasses and just tapered glasses in general that I'm wanting to apply some stencils to so I can etch and I can't for the life of me figure out how to arc the art so it comes out straight once applied around the glass. Any suggestions on the best way to do this when there are multiple arcs? I need some answers quick, trying to help a friend out. Thanks!!!
  11. oldmountaincrafts

    First attempt at sandblast

    I primarily use my cutter to make my stencils for etching, probably 85% is dedicated to that end of my home business. I use a cabinet I found on Craigslist and bought a pressuriezed tank with a deadman's handle from JEGS and it holds 100 lbs of sand. I buy my aluminum oxide locally and get the 220 grit brown sand for $45 for a 50 lb. bag and I recycle it numerous times. I blast at about 90 psi on the compressor and it blasts deep and fast. I just finished a job of 48 beer mugs for a golf tournament and each one took me about 20 seconds to blast with the setup I have. Just don't try your luck at blasting in the rainy, damp, cold of a garage. Can be very frustrating!!! Good luck and your first project looks great!!!
  12. oldmountaincrafts

    Cutting fonts in SC

    Hi, I'm trying to just cut some lettering and figured it would work best laying it out directly in Signcut. But when I go to preview the text, I have a few letters that overlap each other such as UT next to each other for a stand alone letter such as Q and it's cutting these weird lines into the letters on the overlap. In another program I use on another cutter I can "weld" these letters together and it won't cut them, but I don't see that option in SC. Any suggestions?