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  1. FBRsportmod68

    rodeo stuff

    anyone have any bull riders, barrell racers and /or other rodeo stuff in .EPS format please. Thanks David
  2. FBRsportmod68

    barbwire texas

    needing an outline of texas in barbwire. Greatly appreciated David
  3. FBRsportmod68

    ear of corn

    anybody have ear of corn in .eps please? Thanks David
  4. FBRsportmod68

    looking these items

  5. FBRsportmod68

    A decal I made for my sons room

    looks good...are you in ft.worth??? im in Euless
  6. FBRsportmod68

    Buying new machine! Need help deciding!

    ground your mh721 properly and cut away...have had my close to 4 yrs never one single problem, other than user error.
  7. FBRsportmod68

    Racing Shirt

    my first thought was "WOW!!! an invisible shirt!!.......
  8. FBRsportmod68

    Any sugestions? Trying to vector

    heres my attempt PROPANE.SBD
  9. FBRsportmod68

    help with a font

  10. im talking about the actual .eps file... yes i can see the pics, but with the file maybe i, or someone else can see whats goin on with it...or if its just your cutter. If you dont wanna post it, thats cool...just probably wont get a definitive reply. Trying to help!!
  11. post up the file and we can take a look see.....
  12. FBRsportmod68


    it only cuts whats in the box...if a letter is outside the design window, it wont get cut.
  13. FBRsportmod68

    What to charge?

    just a ballpark figure would be 750-900..
  14. FBRsportmod68

    Mother's Day Tile - Applied Decal

    thats awesome.....
  15. FBRsportmod68

    need a quote for printed decals

    would someone like to quote on these decals. i need them printed on 12 x 24 magnets. I need 1 set. Thanks in advance David
  16. FBRsportmod68

    Need help with logo

    looks like modified serpentine....
  17. FBRsportmod68

    Please price this according to your area

    $50 is way to cheap.....IMO...realistically, i would be in the 90-100 range myself. At the end of the day, YOU are the only one who knows if you made a good days wage for a good days work..
  18. FBRsportmod68

    Aurora Graphics

  19. FBRsportmod68

    Wavy lines?

    pinch roller pressure????
  20. FBRsportmod68

    Thread for sharing files

    if i understand correctly, you need 50 posts to be able to view it
  21. anyone got anything like that. Thanks in advance David
  22. FBRsportmod68

    font help, kinda hard.

    fontineed.com........ circus
  23. FBRsportmod68

    Need to id a font please

    benguiat bold is real close... stretch it some
  24. FBRsportmod68

    Problem with my MH 721

    just a guess...sounds like carriage or belt may be off track